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Disorders of children as a consequence of Covid, a project to help families

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Disorders of children as a consequence of Covid, a project to help families

At least 30% of the childhood and adolescent disorders taken care of derive from lockdown and Dad, or are in any case consequences of the change in lifestyle imposed by the Covid emergency. This is supported by an analysis of Polo zero-17 Fatebenefratelli, launched in Cernusco del Naviglio.

For now, there are about thirty minors under treatment at the Milanese center, which works in synergy with the Sacra Famiglia Fatebenefratelli hospital in Erba: they come mainly from the metropolitan area of ​​Milan.

Learning disabilities for 300,000 students: the new guidelines

“Minors arrive on the initiative of families, recommended by the pediatrician or teacher – explains the educational psychologist Fiorenza Ricciardi, in charge of the Zero 17 Fatebenefratelli project – and present very different types of needs, which are addressed by a group of specialists, to be then directed to the most competent one, from neuropsychiatrist to speech therapist, to name just two. There are many cases of learning disabilities, which require strengthening or rehabilitation activities aimed at strengthening the cognitive functions of the specific domain aspects related to instrumental school skills (reading, writing and calculating) “.

Covid, here are your questions on the vaccine for children. The pediatrician answers

by Elena Bozzola

After the first interview and the diagnostic check, the treatment is carried out through 45-minute sessions and the path can last from three to six months for learning disabilities. But there are further difficulties: anxiety and social withdrawal are a consequence of the lockdown period and concern one in three cases. These disorders require long journeys and, in some cases, pharmacological support.

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Food and pandemic, more than half of adolescents have changed their eating habits

by Viola Rita

The service mobilizes speech therapist psychologists, neuropsychiatrists, psychotherapists, pedagogues and neuropsychomotricists and also begins to address eating disorders. “For years they have been a working ground for the Sant’Ambrogio Fatebenefratelli center, but until now we only dealt with adult cases. Now we see the onset of this problem also in girls between 10 and 12 years old – comments the educational psychologist – the prevalent disorder at the moment , is the learning disorder – the expert emphasizes -, which does not simply mean ‘being distracted or listless’, but manifesting a suffering, such as difficulty in understanding texts or following lessons, in the face of a normal cognitive ability . ASDs are diagnosed around the second year of primary school, usually. ”

The problems are numerous: emotional discomfort, difficulties in building self-image and in relationships with peers. Minors sometimes express acute anxiety, phobias, withdrawal, sleep or eating disorders, which can be traced back to the lockdown or simply “triggered” by the new lifestyle imposed by the pandemic. There is a growing propensity in families to recognize the signs of distress and to ask for help.

Within the Sant’Ambrogio center, a special childhood and adolescent neuropsychiatry service created in the cernusco sul naviglio center ensures the complete management of these childhood problems, including difficulties of neurological origin, sensorineural, neurodevelopmental disorders (disorders of language, cognitive development, learning, regulation, autism spectrum disorders) and psychological and relational distress. The npia service carries out prevention and research activities, in active collaboration with paediatricians of free choice, with general practitioners, with the pediatrics division, with the other sectors of the mental health department.

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Aurora Ramazzotti’s talk: “With the psychotherapist I help children to talk about their fears”

by Priscilla Di Thiene

The Fatebenefratelli psychiatric rehabilitation center has an agreement with the national health service but this service for minors is not yet covered by the public reimbursement (ticket): therefore a fundraising has been activated, through the site, which allows you to significantly reduce rates. specialist.

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