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Do you always feel tired and exhausted? When it is necessary to seek medical attention

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Do you always feel tired and exhausted?  When it is necessary to seek medical attention

In this last period, do you always feel tired and particularly exhausted? Be very careful: it would be advisable to consult a doctor.

Do you also feel particularly tired with the arrival of the heat? This is a rather normal ‘condition’, but to which particular attention must be paid. Feeling tired or exhausted, especially with these temperatures, is more than normal.

If this feeling of tiredness should continue over time or even other symptoms should be recognized in addition to this, it would be better to consult the doctor’s opinion. What could be described as ‘simple’ fatigue could turn out to be anything but.

Indeed, it could be a syndrome, characterized by widespread chronic pain, tiredness and sleep disturbances, which mainly affects women between the ages of 20 and 50, with an estimated prevalence of between 1% and 5% of the general population.

Pay attention to the feeling of tiredness: it could be something else

Therefore, if the feeling of tiredness should last for too long, it would be better to alert your trusted doctor why it could be fibromyalgia.

How to recognize the symptoms of fibromyalgia (tantasalute.it)

The causes are not yet known triggers of fibromyalgia. The origin is believed to be multifactorial and involves genetic, neurobiological, and emotional factors interacting with each other. Patients often report an inciting event, especially physical trauma or psychological stress. Fibromyalgia does not increase the risk of mortality, but has a significant impact on quality of life: it involves a reduction in working capacity and daily activities, including social life and relationships with others. It can also cause clinical depression.

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The diagnosis is essentially clinical, performed on the basis of the symptoms that are reported by the patient, since there are no specific tests. Doctors rely on a scale that evaluates the presence of at least 11 pain points out of a total of 19 distributed throughout the body.

For what concern treatmentit provides pain medications, antidepressants, muscle relaxants, and supplements. Cognitive behavioral therapy can help manage stress and change dysfunctional behaviors. Physiotherapy and adequate physical activity they are useful for reducing pain and improving flexibility. Correct nutrition is also fundamental with the exclusion of certain foods and an optimal night’s rest which can be improved thanks to the intake of melatonin.

I symptoms highlights of this syndrome are represented by the musculoskeletal painespecially in the neck, shoulders, back, knees and upper limbs, e from fatigue, i.e. a sense of chronic tiredness and exhaustion even after undisturbed night rests. These may be associated with headache, sleep disturbances, cognitive problems, mood alterations such as anxiety and depression.

Among them, the most relevant concern i central nervous system disorders, such as noticeable changes in mood, concentration and mental analysis. Furthermore also sleep disturbances they are a very important indicator, since those suffering from fibromyalgia feel constantly tired, their resistance is almost nullified, and sleep is not at all restorative.

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