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do you feel too much in the winter? It could be a symptom of these diseases

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Cold: feeling too much of it during the winter period can be a wake-up call for the appearance of some diseases.

It is good to pay attention if you feel too cold (Pexels)

Feeling cold in the winter is a very normal situation. There are people who are naturally cold and can feel it even in summer! There are cases in which though hearing too much is not a good sign, indeed it is an alarm bell that indicates that there could be something wrong.

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If this kind of situation it manifests itself repeatedly becoming disabling it is good that you pay particular attention. Getting to know your body and listening to it is the first step in keeping yourself healthy. Love yourself and take care of yourself. Be conscious, thorough and try to understand the origins of your malaise.

Cold: Feeling too much of it is linked to some diseases

Freddo.  Do you feel too much in the winter?  It could be a symptom of these diseases (Pexels)
Feeling so cold can be a symptom of diseases such as diabetes (Pexels)

Pay attention because if you feel excessive cold you may run into the onset of some problems and diseases. You may be prone to a vitamin B12 deficiency or have a slow metabolism and nervous weakness, in other cases you may run into diseases such as anemia and diabetes. Let’s see in more detail why it is colder:

LACK OF VITAMIN B12: you feel so tired and you are short of breath and appetite.

SLOW METABOLISM: you implement an unregulated diet and aging no longer allows you to have the same capacity as before to produce heat.

NERVOUS WEAKNESS: you have burning eyes, dizziness and continuous tiredness. It is good that you integrate magnesium and vitamins.

ANEMIA: you are deficient in iron and blood due to the lower amount of your red blood cells.

DIABETES: you experience shortness of breath because the disease affects the blood circulation as well as the kidneys.

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