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“Donating organs means giving life, the highest expression of altruism”

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“Donating organs means giving life, the highest expression of altruism”

“This moment of meeting represents a precious opportunity to highlight the importance of promoting and increasing the value of the culture of gift as well as to remind us that health is everyone’s heritage, and that everyone is called to do their part, with confidence and responsibility: political decision makers, healthcare professionals but also citizens. Our commitment goes precisely in the direction of raise public awareness further because giving, in its many forms, is the highest expression of altruism: a conscious, voluntary, anonymous and free act.” Said the Minister of Health, Orazio Schillaci, on the occasion of the event that opens the celebrations of the 26th Day national organization for the donation and transplantation of organs and tissues. “Donating organs means giving life – continued the Minister – and Italy demonstrates daily that it is a Extremely generous nation: thanks to the biological solidarity of the Italians every year it is possible to realize almost 4 thousand organ transplantsbut also more than 20,000 tissue transplantsapproximately 1,000 transplants of hematopoietic stem cells and bone marrow from unrelated donors, and almost 3 million transfusions for over 650,000 patients.

The Minister also highlighted that the particularly significant results were achieved thanks to to the excellence of our transplant system, which is among the first places in Europe for the quality of the interventions and safety of the processes, but, above all, thanks to the generosity of the women and men of our nation. “Because without donation and without solidarity there can be no transplant. Despite this, the data indicate, almost 900 thousand no to organ donation (31.8%), with a slight deterioration compared to 2021″.

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This is why it is essential that information and awareness on organ and tissue donation see protagonists not only health institutions, but also local authorities, in an ever stronger alliance between health and the local area.

The event, introduced and moderated by the Director General of Communication and European and International Relations of the Ministry of Health, Sergio Iavicoli, was attended by the director of the National Transplant Center Massimo Cardillo, the vicar vice president of ANCI Roberto Pella, the president of Order of Doctors Filippo Anelli and the President of the Federation of Italian Medical-Scientific Societies Loreto Gesualdo.

The initiative was also attended by the film producer, Luigi De Giglio and the actor Filippo Laganà, interpreter of the film “Amici per la pelle”, centered on the theme of transplantation: the film, co-produced by Rai Cinema, was broadcast in prime time last Sunday on Rai 1 at the opening of the awareness week dedicated by Rai for ESG Sustainability to organ donation.

At the center of the communication campaign “Giving is a natural choice” the promotion of the claim “Declare your Yes in the Municipality” which represents the main way in which adult citizens express their will on post-mortem donation: in fact, approximately 90% of the declarations recorded in the Transplant Information System-SIT were filed on the occasion of the issue or renewal of the identity card at the Common.



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