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European Cancer Organisation, ‘in Italy we need to improve screening, here’s how’

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European Cancer Organisation, ‘in Italy we need to improve screening, here’s how’

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(beraking latest news) – The earlier cancer is discovered, the better the possibility of a cure. But in Italy the data on screening for early diagnosis is alarming and the regional differences are high. For cervical cancer, for example, less than 40% of the target population in Italy is screened, compared to an EU average of 56%. In our country there are no programs for lung and prostate cancer despite recent investments. On breast cancer, the gap between Northern and Southern Italy is wide, with a coverage rate of 23% for the target population in the South, compared to 63% in the North. Finally, for colorectal cancer only 77% of the population is invited to screening and in regions such as Sicily less than 20% take advantage of this opportunity. These are the data from the new ‘National Report for Italy’ of the European Cancer Organization (Eco), drawn up in collaboration with the Umberto Veronesi Foundation and presented today at an event in the Senate in Rome. During the meeting, the development of innovative methods to improve, promote and make early cancer diagnosis accessible to all citizens was discussed. According to experts, the reasons behind the low diffusion of screening are many, “but these gaps help to explain why in Italy patients are diagnosed when they are already in more advanced stages of cancer, compared to the rest of Europe. This has a direct impact on patient outcomes and chances of survival”. ECO has therefore set out a series of specific recommendations, taken from its ‘European Cancer Manifesto 2024’, highlighting best practices that can be used at national level. These proposals reflect the experiences and perspectives gathered over the last 5 years regarding the policies to fight cancer promoted by the European Union. The recommendations highlight the need to improve public awareness by sharing more information about the symptoms and early warnings caused by cancer. It is also necessary to promote better access to health services and screening programmes, including capacity building in primary care, for timely medical attention. It is also useful to publish periodic reports on the progress made in the implementation of the Council of the European Union Recommendations on cancer screening, to support implementation at regional and national level. It is essential to monitor high-risk groups, such as people affected by the hepatitis B and hepatitis C viruses, capable of causing cancer. And again: we need to provide solid data infrastructures for screening programs and common standards to enable effective comparability. Finally, technological innovation needs to be stimulated to support better screening practices and performance (e.g. through the use of self-sampling). During today’s meeting we also talked about other critical elements for prevention, such as the crisis of Italian oncology staff and the importance of vaccination against the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) as an effective method against cervical cancer and penile, and other types of cancer, in both women and men. —salutewebinfo@beraking latest news.com (Web Info)

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