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the economical hybrid is also fun…

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the economical hybrid is also fun…

If a hybrid car with a list price of under 20 thousand euros already seems like a mirage, discovering that it is also fun to drive seems like a miracle. Yet, it’s all real: we tried it in a short time test drive the new MG3 Hybrid+, and we have to say that it really surprised us. We climbed the hills around Bologna with great agility even in Eco mode, taking advantage of the enormous electric battery alongside the combustion engine. All with low fuel consumption and great driving comfort.

But the greatest strength of this car lies in the truly aggressive price: if the setup tested by us is just over 23 thousand euros, the basic one it costs 19,990 euros — before incentives and promotions. And for the launch, we find a further offer: financing for all three versions costs 99 euros per month. With prices like that, it’s worth considering: but is it really a bargain? We help you understand this by telling you about our test drive experience with the MG3 Hybrid+.

MG3 Hybrid+, test drive: the economical hybrid is also fun

MG Motors is a car manufacturer that has been experiencing great expansion in recent years. Born as “Morris Garages” now a century old, it is experiencing a renaissance since being part of the Chinese group SAIC Motor, exploiting the technology of two continents to offer interesting products, at very competitive prices. Consider that it closed last year with over 30,000 registrations — and we bet that with the new MG3 Hybrid+ this year the numbers can grow even further.

The arrival of the MG3 Hybrid+ is, in fact, part of a particular market context, where many manufacturers are abandoning the B segment due to margin issues. MG, on the contrary, comes into it with a full hybrid product that promises to offer the best quality-price ratio in the category.

A powerful hybrid system, snappy even uphill

The most interesting new feature of the MG3 Hybrid+ is undoubtedly the powertrain ibridowhich the Anglo-Chinese house calls Hybrid+. It is a full hybrid system consisting of a 102 HP 1.5 Atkinson cycle combustion engine, combined with an electric unit from am 136 CVfor a total power of 195 CV. And compared to the other hybrids in the segment that we have tested, this extra power is felt.

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The car thereWorks in electric mode up to 50 km/h. Between 50 and 80 per hour the combustion engine and the electric one work together, and then use the three gears of the automatic transmission up to 170 km/h.

The acceleration from a standstill fully convinced us: MG promises 0-100 km/h in 8 seconds flat and 80-120 km/h in just 5 seconds — and you can feel it while driving it. Even in Eco mode, the car has a fun pick-up. Even uphill we were able to change speed with great easewithout feeling any fatigue in the engine, which some of its rivals also make noticeable on an acoustic level.

The power of the engine, combined with the easy-to-handle dimensions and well-thought-out suspension, give a great feeling of agility while driving. We felt in full control of the vehicle even on the curvy (and not very well asphalted) roads of the Bolognese hills.

Excellent autonomy

Despite its lively performance, the MG3 Hybrid+ promises low fuel consumption and emissions: 4.4 l/100 km and 100 g/km of CO2 in the WLTP combined cycle. We tested it mainly on state roads in the middle of nature and on short stretches of high traffic, so we have a limited view of consumption: we didn’t drive on the motorway or queue in the city. But we must admit that we exceeded 5 liters per hundred kilometers only after keeping the car turned on but stationary for a while and testing the sport mode. Using the still high-performance Eco, we immediately approached the values ​​indicated by MG.

The credit for this good performance mix also depends from the 1.83 kWh battery, among the most capacious in the category, which allows you to travel several kilometers in purely electric mode. It impressed us in a positive way, both for how it lowers consumption and for how much space it leaves for electrical maneuvering — with excellent performance. And then you can also carry out operations that are typically only seen on electric vehicles, such as pre-heat or cool your car using the app.

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MG3 Hybrid+ test drive: the right space

On board, the MG3 Hybrid+ offers a spacious interior for the category, both in the front and rear seats. There is lots of visible plastic, even in the Luxury equipment we tried (which also has some synthetic leather upholstery), which somewhat betrays the low cost of the car. Bad finishes seem well made to us and solid structure.

The digital instrumentation consists of a 7″ panel and a 10.25″ central touch display for infotainment, responsive and with modern graphics. There is no shortage of physical controls for the most used functions. As standard we find climate control, parking sensors, rear view camera and various ADAS, including lane keeping and automatic emergency braking. The setup we tried also has 360° cameras, which make maneuvering extremely comfortable (also because visibility from the rear is not optimal, so the technology helps a lot).

Externally, the MG3 Hybrid+ features a dynamic design with several sporty details. There are seven colors for the bodywork, which can be combined with a contrasting roof. However, we preferred the gray we tested over the more electrifying blue – but that’s personal taste.

MG3 Hybrid+ test drive: at this price, it is completely convincing

The new MG3 Hybrid+ it hit us: here we are have fun driving it during this test drive. And this is not something to be taken for granted if you consider that it is a hybrid city car. The Hybrid+ powertrain offers a mix of power and autonomy that allows this car to challenge the queens of the segment (the various Toyota Yaris a Renault Clio). Over which it has an important advantage: the prezzo.

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MG3 Hybrid+ parte da 19.990€ for the Standard version. However, if you consider the launch promo and the upcoming Ecobonus it will reach a value of 16.490€: at this price it can also compete with several petrol cars. The Comfort version starts from 21.490€ (17.740€ with promo + Ecobonus) and the one we tried, the Luxury version, costs money 23.490€. Which with promo and Ecobonus, means that you can pay less than twenty thousand euros, 19.740€for a full optional model.

Furthermore, with the financing in partnership with Santander Consumer Bank, “MG Boost”, all fittings have a monthly installment of 99€. You can therefore take the Luxury version with the same fee as the Standard and of Comfort.

After testing it, we are really happy that MG was able to offer such an interesting engine for a truly competitive price. You can find more information on the MG website.

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