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RENDEZVOUS POINT – Presenting the “Oslo Snydrome”

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RENDEZVOUS POINT – Presenting the “Oslo Snydrome”

The Norwegian progressive metal great RENDEZVOUS PINT is back with their eagerly awaited third album “Dream Chaser” (release date: June 21, 2024, Long Branch Records). The single “Oslo Syndrome” can already be found on YouTube.

After the critically acclaimed second album “Universal Chaos”, the five-piece band around LEPROUS drummer Baard Kolstad, keyboardist Nicolay Tangen Svennæs ​​(IHSAHN), singer Geirmund Hansen, guitarist Petter Hallaråker and bassist Gunn-Hilde Erstad continues their success story by Songwriting is even more clearly defined and focuses more intensively on groove, riffs, melodies and hooks.

With “Oslo Syndrome”, Rendezvous Point are presenting a new single, including a music video, parallel to the album announcement, giving another foretaste of “Dream Chaser”.

Watch the video for “Oslo Syndrome” here:

Singer Geirmund Hansen about the new single “Oslo Syndrome”:
„The seduction and excitement of the unknown can sometimes over-shadow moral standards and everyday life. Insights from traveling with artists and musicians creates this description of when something exciting gets out of control.“

Tracklist „Dream Chaser“:

1 Don’t Look Up
2 Oslo Syndrome
3 Utopia
4 Fireflies
5 Presence
6 Wildflower
7 The Tormented
8 Still Water

Singer Geirmund Hansen says:

“Dream Chaser” delves deep into the field of artistic development and focuses on the relentless pursuit of perfection. “Artists often strive a whole lifetime searching for something abstract, a feeling of perfection in what you do or create.„Since it’s an abstract and subjective thing, the artists‘ search for perfection often results in a lifetime of always wanting more, better, bigger and deeper. This leads to chasing something unclear and un-touchable, like a dream. It seems real and reachable, but never is.“

With themes ranging from societal disillusionment to personal growth, “Dream Chaser” offers a compelling insight into human perception. Rendezvous Point invite the listener to explore together the complexities of modern existence and the depths of emotional turmoil.

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Line Up:

Geirmund Hansen – Singing
Baard Kolstad – drums
Nicolay Tangen Svennæs ​​– Keyboards
Petter Hallaråker – Guitar
Gunn-Hilde Erstad – Bass


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