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Eva Anselmo new health director of ASL Biella from 1 March – Newsbiella.it

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Eva Anselmo new health director of ASL Biella from 1 March – Newsbiella.it

From March 1 next, the Health Directorate of the Biella Health Authority will pass to Dr. Eva Anselmo: originally from Canavese, she is forty-four years old and comes from the ASL TO4, where she currently holds the position of District Director in Cuorgnè.

The appointment takes place in the middle of the mandate of the ASLBI General Management, in order to allow the full continuity of the projects in progress, in view of the full implementation of the strategy. The Management has in fact worked in the last period, in order to plan the rotation and reconcile both the personal professional choices of Dr. Sasso and the regular continuation of the company activities.

“Biella will remain for me an important experience for my professional career and I am therefore grateful to Dr. Sanò for the opportunity: as Management we have faced 18 months of intense work, setting up a strategy which, despite the structural criticalities of healthcare Italian, will bear full fruit in the second part of the mandate. I know and appreciate Dr. Eva Anselmo, with whom I also share the same experience in the field of territorial health. – explains Claudio Sasso – My decision is weighted and has been planned for some time, as it is motivated by the desire to give space to some perspectives on which my career path is orienting and which I would like to pursue. Thanks to discussions and collaboration with the General Manager, together we have ensured that the change can take place without a solution of continuity with respect to the company process in progress. In this regard, I take this opportunity to thank all the doctors, health professionals and administrative and staff personnel who have worked alongside me. In particular, I would like to thank the Administrative Director, the Presidium and District Directors, the Directors of the Departments and of the Complex and Simple Company Structures for the work done and the results achieved in this truly complex historical period for healthcare at a national level. In Biella I found a collaborative atmosphere and a desire to do well. This ASL, despite being territorially smaller than the other Piedmontese ones, has potential that distinguishes it and that can also make a difference for the future. We must continue to believe in it ”. “I thank Dr. Sasso who in this half of his mandate has taken on the delicate task of leading the Biella Healthcare Company out of the rocks of the pandemic and the recovery of the services accumulated in those years and has collaborated with commitment and professionalism in the definition and implementation application of the current strategy. I express both personally and on behalf of Dr. Garavana my appreciation for the journey undertaken together in this year and a half and my warmest wishes for the professional opportunities that await him. – commented the General Manager of ASLBI, Mario Sanò. – Dr. Anselmo has gained extensive professional experience and transversal skills in the organizational context of a Healthcare Company: both in the field of Hygiene and Public Health and Preventive Medicine, and in Territorial Medicine, as well as garrison. There will be a way to introduce her and get to know her when she arrives. She immediately proved to be very motivated and interested in Biella health care and its development ”.

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Dr. Eva Anselmo, currently Director of the District of Cuorgnè, forty-four years old, specialist in Hygiene and Preventive Medicine, began her professional activity within the ASL TO4 in 2009, within the Hygiene and Health Service Publish. From 2010 to 2016 she was medical director at the District of Cuorgnè, dealing in particular with home care, prosthetic and integrative assistance, paths to improve the appropriateness of care and resources and the planning and development of the Primary Care Center ( CAP) of Castellamonte. In this Company, from 2015 to 2017, you also assumed the role of “Waiting Time Manager” at the Management Control unit, activating a continuous data monitoring system and a corporate network to reduce waiting times. From 2017 to today she held the role of Head of the simple UVOS structure (Screening Evaluation and Organization Unit), in which context she was Head of the Local Oncology Screening Program for ASL TO4 and member of the Regional Coordination of Cancer Screening of the Piedmont. Between 2019 and 2020 you held the position of Head of the simple Outpatient Specialist structure and Head of the complex structure of the Medical Direction of the Ivrea-Cuorgnè Hospital and, subsequently, of the Medical Direction of the Chivasso Hospital. She has been an investigator in several clinical studies conducted in the Company.

“In recent days I had the opportunity to meet the General Management of the ASL BI and I already knew Dr. Sasso, whose professionalism and experience I had been able to appreciate for some time in the field of local medicine. – We spoke and discussed each other right from the start, in order to guarantee maximum continuity of the Biella Healthcare Company also in the next few days before my arrival. – said Dr. Eva Anselmo – I thank Dr. Sanò for his trust and I am happy to be able to put the process carried out so far to the benefit of the ASL of Biella. I come from the Canavese area, but by adoption I am from Biella, because for years we have spent the summer months with my family in a municipality in the province, where my husband is originally from”.

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