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[Evaluation]”Battlefield 2042″ Cross-platform 128-player melee + flexible customization of weapons

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I believe that players who like shooting games must have played the Battlefield series of online multiplayer battles, right? Since the launch of “Battlefield V” with the background of World War II in 2018, the latest work “Battlefield 2042” was finally officially launched on November 19 after 3 years. Can the new work attract you with a slightly futuristic background design? What are the characteristics after the “BFV” story mode is missing? The following will give you a detailed introduction!

2042 and a half future background

The game is mainly based on the background of 2042, that is, 20 years later. There is a military conflict between the United States and Russia. You will play one of the sides and confront the enemy. However, this time the story mode is completely cancelled, so the sense of story can be said that there is no existence at all. It’s just a multiplayer battle, but you can still carry out some targeted multiplayer missions, 4 people team up, get the enemy’s intelligence and successfully evacuate.

There are 3 game modes: there is always a version that suits you

The game is divided into three modes in total, namely “All-out warfare” supporting 128-player melee; “Hazard Zone”; and entrance “Battlefield Portal”, which will be explained one by one below!

“All-out warfare” total war mode:

I believe that everyone is familiar with the total war mode. For the first time, the factory has allowed 128 players (PC / XBOX SX / PS5 only) to be divided into two teams on the big map. The main victory conditions are occupation and the number of kills. , Most of the weapons used are original semi-future weapons, so the gun models are relatively rare, but it can be combined with the latest instant replacement system, so that your weapons can be instantly replaced in the state that is most suitable for the situation at the time, and you can also match different ones at will Weapons, no longer restricting the types of arms to usable weapons, greatly increasing flexibility! Of course, you can also summon various vehicles to fight at any time, such as tanks and combat helicopters, to increase your combat advantage.

You can play against a large map with up to 128 people

Before the game starts, you can make different reports, such as setting the vehicles you need, so that you can quickly grab points
When the results are calculated, you can see the best players and understand their achievements

“Hazard Zone”

This mode is a multiplayer cooperative task. Players need to cooperate with 3 other players to complete the objectives. These objectives are generally to obtain intelligence documents from the enemy forces and need to successfully evacuate from the enemy forces to complete the level. Since you have only 4 people in your team, you need to discuss with your teammates how to choose a profession, such as sniper, assault soldier, and supply soldier. There are a total of 8 professions. In addition, you need to carry different auxiliary equipment, such as intelligence. The device scanner allows players to know the correct location of the intelligence faster, and there are many reinforcement point tools in the map, which can help the dead teammates resurrect and join the battlefield by airborne.

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Team up by 4 players to obtain enemy intelligence

Entrance “Battlefield Portal”

For players who like other eras as the background, the development team has also added a mode called “Battlefield Portal”, which allows these players to re-experience modern warfare maps such as “Battlefield 1942”, “Bad Company 2” and “Battlefield 3”. You can also set the map and rules according to the player’s needs, so that interested players can join the battle. Of course, you can enter the battlefield of other players.

In the game, you can set different rules. For example, you can’t use firearms, you can only use knives for melee combat, or set to 1 vs 64 asymmetric decisive battle. Of course, you can also set AI. It is rumored that it has become a pioneering player’s experience map. , Made the first batch of players dissatisfied, because using the fast search game, you didn’t know the rules of the map before entering the venue, and you were brutally killed.

Weapon System: Instant Modification Accessory System

There are relatively few guns in the game, and there are only more than 20 types for the time being. In the game, players can use the brand new instant replacement accessory system (press LB / L1) to replace your equipment with red dot mirrors for short-range combat, or long-range The 8x scope for range sniping can also change the magazines used. For example, the short clip can be reloaded quickly, and the long clip can reduce the number of reloads. You can also choose different lengths of barrels and silencers, which is quite free and practical. However, various powerful accessories need to meet the unlocking conditions to be unlocked. For example, use a certain weapon to kill 100 players.

During combat, you can press the switch button immediately, and the directory will pop up

When using 1.5x lens

When using mechanical aiming

All weapons need to be upgraded to a specified level before they can be used
You can change the barrel length you need
You can use the handle to increase stability

The number of weapons is not too much, and most of them are original guns, only a few such as PP 19 are retained

There are different special forces: each has its own skills

Like the previous game, there are different special forces in the game, but this year there are as many as 10 different skills in the arms, making the game more playable. For example, traditional medics can heal fallen players, scouts that can fly drones, supply soldiers can place bullet boxes for other players to supply bullets, assault soldiers can have shields for attack and better protection, how to combine You need to discuss with your teammates, but different classes can also use any standard weapons. For example, medical soldiers can use sniper rifles at will, or snipers can use assault rifles, etc. They are very flexible and can deploy weapons according to different battle conditions.

You can set the appearance of characters

In the game, 10 special forces are currently available for use. In order to avoid “too many twin brothers”, the game allows players to change the appearance of the character, such as changing clothes, helmets, etc., or simply change the overall appearance to make the character more personal. (But taking Iris as an example, whether you are in the US military or the Russian military, you have the same equipment. This needs to be improved.)

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Setting up the helmet

If you want an integrated effect, you can set the suit

The melee style can also be changed as you want

There will be a demonstration video for the effect of melee kills

Accessories can also be customized

In addition to the firearms and appearance, you can also change some of the props you carry. For example, you can change the door attack tool used, or change the auxiliary accessories, for example, you can bring a bullet box, or a rocket launcher, so that you can meet different enemy equipment At the same time, you can reduce your own disadvantages.

Vehicles can also set their personal style

Vehicles are the key to victory or defeat in the game, so this game can be set according to personal needs, including changing the appearance, changing the weapons used, etc. Each vehicle has its own unique weapon and the most practical one. Gu personally thinks that F35-E, helicopters and the latest mechanical dog “ranger” can all increase our army’s pledge.

New skills: Flying claws move quickly, and replenish blood for teammates from a long distance

Many new elements have been added this time. For example, attackers can use Grappling Hook flying claws to move quickly, allowing players to avoid the horror of attacking stairs. Stairs are prone to dead ends and high mortality, and flying claws can quickly escape dangerous places. The battle changes more greatly, and the advantage of the player in occupying high places is greatly reduced. In addition, in this episode, the ambulance can replenish blood for teammates far away by injection, engineers can build sentry turrets, etc., all of which are some fresh gameplay.

New weather system: often tornadoes

The map design in the game also adds different weather changes. In addition to the day and night mode and the rain effect, this time the Hourglass map has added a tornado as an extreme weather setting, so your enemy is not only an enemy, but you also need to pay attention to the weather. Try to stay indoors as much as possible to fight against the enemy. Although there are special equipment for the arms that can help you escape from the tornado, if you can, avoid the tornado as much as possible. (The author encounters tornadoes almost every time…the frequency of occurrence is quite high). In addition, different maps will also have heavy rain, dusk, and sunny battlefields. In short, the environment will not be exactly the same every time. It is a good design.

You can see the location of the tornado on the map
Its huge impact can be seen everywhere on the map

Computer hardware requirements are high: if you want 4K 60FPS, you need a 3090 graphics card

The version I tested is the PC version. Since my computer has not been upgraded for many years, it uses Intel Core i7 8700K, 32 GB RAM, and only the graphics card RTX 3090 is upgraded. Without light and shadow tracking, it can maintain 4K 60 FPS. But after turning on the light and shadow tracking, the FPS dropped to about 35, but DLSS can be used to push the FPS to about 50, but there will be a problem of suffocation when a large number of explosions occur. In addition, there are still many game bugs in the game, such as: falling into the bottomless space under the map; stuck between falling to the ground and dead, unable to respawn after the countdown, teammates can’t use the heart pacer to rescue, they can only leave the game, or Wait until the game is over. I believe that the factory will soon release an update to solve the problem.

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Even foreign players can’t help but laugh when they see the tragic situation of the author’s bend, and say “Welcome to BF 2042 open beta 2″…

The rebirth position remains the same: rebirth in the enemy line

In this episode, the game retains the BF style of the past. It is the location at the time of rebirth, and it still often resurrects in the enemy’s position. In just one minute, the author was in the 5 army players during the rebirth. If it can be used, it has been killed again, so if you want to be stable when you rebirth, you should rebirth in a remote area.

Resurrected on the edge of the roof of the building

In the next second…

Summary: The selling point of multiplayer cross-platform battles is well designed but lacks storytelling.

The author of the several stories provided by EA’s Battlefield Series BFV in the previous episode still finds it very attractive. The story is complete and compact, and it also makes everyone understand why they are fighting. In this episode of Battlefield 2042, only multiplayer mode is provided. Although it is more playable than story mode, I personally think that without the plot mode, the player’s sense of involvement will be reduced. The story of this work is indeed relatively weak. This episode supports multi-platform battles for the first time, but enjoying the game on PC is the kingly way. Always use XBOX SX / PS5 handcraft to shoot each other with keyboard and mouse. The situation will be very tragic…

However, if you love multiplayer games, the BF 2042 is actually well-designed this time. It will not have a futuristic sense of the future when fighting. Instead, it will strike a proper balance between the modern and the future, with 128 players playing against a large map connection. Although there are occasional problems, it feels more secure to see the teammates who are piled upon each other. The new personal weapons and instant replacement system, as well as the personal settings of the vehicles are very good, the balance is good, only the air fighter can send jamming bombs, it is not easy to shoot it down, and the hovercraft is a work of bending, high speed and Flexible, I can’t count how many times I was directly killed by the enemy.

During the several days I tested the game, the stability of the game has been continuously improved, and the improvement is obvious. In the future battlefield, the World War II background has been used many times compared to the previous episode. I think this design is more attractive and innovative!

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