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Falls from the climbing wall, hospitalized. On the Jôf di Montasio, an exhausted woman asks for help

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TARVISIO – The Alpine Rescue station of Cave del Predil completed two interventions in the early afternoon of today, Sunday 22 August, in Val Bartolo (municipality of Tarvisio) and on Jôf di Montasio (Municipality of Chiusaforte)
In Val Bartolo a fortuitous accident in climbing gym caused the fall of a 1965 woman from Cividale del Friuli at around 1pm, tumbled on rocks for about ten meters and several bruises for her including head trauma and back trauma. The woman, who was at the base of the rock cliff, lost her balance following the impact with the second of the rope who was climbing above her and “flew” down, albeit held by the rope to which she was tied. , hitting her. The technicians from the Cave del Predil station and the helicopter rescue whose medical team stabilized and embarrassed the woman arrived on the spot, taking her to Udine.
The second intervention was activated shortly after 3 pm with a call to Nue112 by two hikers, a man and a woman from Tarcento, who were climbing the Findenegg Canal which leads to the top of the Jôf in Montasio. The Sores alerted the station of Cave del Predil and the Guardia di Finanza of Sella Nevea as well as the helicopter of the Civil Protection. As reported by the man, his partner was in a state of exhaustion and could no longer continue either uphill or downhill. Considering the changing weather situation and the imminent arrival of rains and thunderstorms, the helicopter quickly loaded a team of rescuers on board and landed them near the top so that they could reach the two hikers who were at 2530 meters and load them. aboard to bring them back downstream. The intervention ended shortly before 4pm.

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