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Fedriga (Regions): “Token-supporting doctors, Regions Conference battle won”

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Fedriga (Regions): “Token-supporting doctors, Regions Conference battle won”

Parliament Accepts Amendments to Improve Healthcare Personnel Hiring

In a positive development for the National Health Service (NHS), Parliament has accepted two key amendments proposed by the Conference of the Regions. These amendments aim to address the issue of ‘coin-free doctors’ and provide NHS companies with more tools to overcome this challenge.

The first amendment facilitates the hiring of specialists, while the second attenuates the spending limit for medical and healthcare personnel. According to the president of the Conference of Regions, Massimiliano Fedriga, these amendments mark an important step forward in eliminating the practice of token doctors. This practice, which highlighted the shortage of healthcare personnel, was not a sustainable solution.

Fedriga expressed satisfaction with the positive collaboration between the Regions and the Ministries of Economy, Public Function, and Health in revising the Pnrr decree. He emphasized the importance of increasing the number of specialist doctors and improving their training to reduce waiting lists and enhance levels of assistance.

The acceptance of these amendments is a significant victory in the ongoing battle to strengthen the healthcare system and provide better care for patients. With these new tools in place, NHS companies will be better equipped to recruit skilled professionals and improve the overall quality of healthcare services.

April 15, 2024
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