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Fight against cholesterol: here is the list of foods that contain the most

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Fight against cholesterol: here is the list of foods that contain the most

Food and cholesterol: which foods are likely to excessively increase this molecule in our body? Let’s find out together.

Il cholesterol It is a molecule that contributes to the synthesis of sex hormones, cortisol, bile salts, acids and numerous other hormones of the adrenal cortex. Its function in the body is essential for the correct functioning of the central nervous system, the endocrine system and the immune system.

Every day the human body produces between one and two grams of cholesterol – ILoveTrading.it

Part of the cholesterol produced by our body occurs hepatically and endogenously, for about 1-2 grams a day, while part comes from the foods we eat. For this reason, when we exceed the danger level of the amount of cholesterol present in our blood, or when it is greater than 240 mg/dl, unlike what is commonly believed, the cause is more to be found in a possible genetic defect than in the diet followed.

And the genetic defect could have evident traces in our family lineage, with cases of close relatives who suffer or have suffered from the same disorder. However, the foods we eat can definitely take an important role in the production of cholesterol in our body. Some with beneficial effects, some with harmful effects. Let’s find out what they are.

The foods richest in cholesterol that are not harmful and those to be avoided

Let’s start from a principle: net of chronic dysfunctions to be treated clinically and which impose absolute abstinence from certain foods, the measure is always an excellent ally. Differentiate your diet and avoiding exaggerations that could lead to side effects, even of an irreversible type, is a principle of health that we have continued to hand down from generation to generation. And there is no doubt that it is an excellent rule.

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Fighting cholesterol: what are the foods to avoid
In case of high cholesterol these foods are to be avoided – ILoveTrading.it

Having said that, it is at the same time to be well aware that in the case of high cholesterol, some foods – alas – and above all for those who have always been greedy for them – are to be avoided: among these are fried foods, processed meat, desserts and, in general, fast-food foods. In fact, these foods not only do they contain high amounts of cholesterol, but they also lack protective factors such as antioxidant vitamins, bioactive peptides and omega-3s.

Other foods, on the other hand, commonly considered harmful for cholesterol, in reality are not: we are talking, for example, of cheese, eggs, whole milk yogurt and meat obtained from animals raised on pasture. The eggsfor example, instead of helping to raise the level of bad cholesterol (LDL) they contribute to increase the good one (HDL)while shellfish contain the amino acid taurine, which is also able to help reduce bad cholesterol.

As we said, the measure is the best advisor. As well as frequent checks of our blood values, also through the habit of donating for those who are able to make it, and how to consult with your doctor and with a nutritionist able to advise us on the best habits to adopt in the kitchen on the basis to our specific and unique physical and organic characteristics.

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