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first contagion in Lombardia- breaking latest news

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first contagion in Lombardia- breaking latest news
from Clarida Salvatori

Again, the patient recently made a trip to a German city. 100% virus similar to that of Portugal and Germany

The number of gods continues to rise positive at Monkeypox in Italy. I am indeed six, to date, the confirmed casesafter the three under treatment at the National Institute for Infectious Diseases Lazzaro Spallanzani in Rome, the full-blown one in Arezzo, another home curate in Rome and the first to emerge in Lombardy.

The newly sick Roman, a man who does not need hospital treatment, reported that he recently made a trip to Germany, while patient zero and a second affected by monkeypox had returned from the Canary Islands and a third from Vienna. At the medical level, the clinical and transmission characteristics are quite similar to the previous ones. And the contacts already placed in isolation also increase, passing from 15 to 16.

In the evening comes the confirmation of first infection detected in Lombardy at the Sacco hospital in Milannational reference center for infectious disease emergencies. The patient is finehealth sources say, who also add that the strain is not autochthonous but comes from abroad and it could be related to outbreaks occurring in other European countries.

The same conclusion reached by the Inmi research and study of the virus that causes the disease that from England, where it was detected for the first time, is spreading more and more in Europe and beyond. Spallanzani researchers have completed the first phase of the DNA sequence analysis of the Monkeypox virus of the first three cases of monkeypox observed in Italy – let the Inmi know -. The samples tested positive were sequenced for the hemagglutinin (Ha) gene, and all were found to be related to the West African strain, with a 100% similarity with the viruses isolated in patients in Portugal and Germany.

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Which, according to the experts of the Spallanzani genetics laboratory, means that even in Italy we could be faced with a “pan-European” virus, correlated with the outbreaks observed in various countries, in particular that of the Canary Islands. Investigations on other suspected cases are underway. Only yesterday the regional health councilor, Alessio D’Amato he had in fact stated that other cases are expectedbut there is no alarm.

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