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Free2Move eSolutions and Accenture together for the electric car

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Three key points to accelerate the spread of the electric car. This is the ultimate goal of the partnership between Accenture (a global professional services company with advanced capabilities in the digital, cloud and security fields) and Free2Move eSolutions, the Stellantis Group’s technological player in the eMobility and energy transition sector.

Car charging

The first point is the key one: to develop a platform for recharging electric vehicles based on a subscription formula, “simpler and more intuitive” as they tell Free2Move, which obviously disputes the system implemented to date. Once the platform is established, Free2Move eSolutions customers will thus have access to the largest group of public charging points in Europe and will be able to use a mix of public and private charging systems, across the European network, using a smartphone app, with a simplified subscription payment model.

In fact, it must be said that currently, most electric vehicle owners can only access the charging stations with which they have entered into direct payment agreements, thus often being forced to lengthen their route, and therefore to travel more kilometers, to reach the charging stations. This also implies that, generally, electric vehicle owners have to register through different payment systems, an unpleasant and not very functional experience. Free2Move eSolutions will greatly simplify the experience for their customers.

New charging points

The second point of the agreement concerns the installation of new charging points throughout Europe starting from its offices in Italy and France, integrating electric vehicles into the network and adopting the technology of Free2Move eSolutions. Accenture personnel operating in these countries will gradually be given access to the top-up app, allowing them to add credit at home or on the go.

Company fleets

Third, the collaboration also includes the development of new joint offerings between Free2Move eSolutions and Accenture that will provide support to large companies on their journey to electrification of their fleets, thus speeding up the transition to sustainable mobility.


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