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Giorgio Palù resigned from the presidency of AIFA

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Giorgio Palù resigned from the presidency of AIFA

Italian Medicines Agency President Resigns Due to Lack of Harmony with Minister

In a surprising turn of events, Giorgio Palù has announced his resignation as the appointed President of the Italian Medicines Agency (Aifa). In a letter addressed to the board of directors, Palù cited the lack of harmony with the Minister and the absence of responses from the Government as the reasons for his decision.

Palù described his one-year assignment as “offensive and humiliating” and condemned the total lack of listening by the Minister in the choices made for Aifa. He also expressed surprise at the disparity in treatment compared to other retired Presidents of public bodies, pointing out that he did not receive any remuneration for his role despite serving for three years.

In the letter, Palù outlined some essential objectives to relaunch the Agency, including a strong and qualified representation within European commissions and the computerization of pharmaco-economic data. He also emphasized the importance of clinical studies to estimate the value of treatments, scientific communication, and the promotion of biomedical-pharmaceutical research.

Palù’s resignation comes as a blow to the Agency, as he was the driving force behind the reform of Aifa. His departure raises questions about the future leadership and direction of the organization.

The full article can be found on ANSA.it.

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