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Green light from the Regions to the 2023-2025 vaccination plan – Health

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Green light from the Regions to the 2023-2025 vaccination plan – Health

The Conference of the Regions has given the green light to the agreement with the government on the 2023-25 ​​vaccination plan. The green light comes after two times it was not possible to reach an agreement on the document. The condition set by the governors was to condition the agreement with the guarantee that there are no “new or greater charges for public finance” and possibly “evaluate the possibility of finding additional resources in the event of any higher costs”.

With the new 2023-2025 vaccination plan, notes the Minister of Health, Orazio Schillaci, “we want to overcome the inhomogeneities and promote a widespread capillarity of vaccination points and greater proactivity to reach population groups at high risk or difficult to reach. It is also a question of a more flexible plan open to innovation: the vaccination calendar, detached from the plan, can be updated more easily on the basis of available evidence”.

In this way, concludes Schillaci, “it will be possible to introduce and evaluate any innovations more quickly. I am sure that the Plan will contribute to harmonizing vaccination strategies by ensuring more accessible and effective protection and immunization measures for all citizens”.

Ministry, with the vaccination plan, overcoming the gap between regions
The aim is to increase coverage especially among subjects at risk
Harmonization of vaccination strategies, overcoming the differences between Regions in the vaccination offer to ensure greater equity according to the highest standards; promotion, under the coordination of the prevention departments and local vaccination centres, of vaccination through professional networks of family doctors and specialists, thus ensuring that chronic and/or frail patients are taken in charge of vaccination by the specialist centers that are being treated for the underlying disease.

And again, preparation of the vaccination calendar as a separate document and, therefore, easily updated on the basis of future epidemiological scenarios, scientific evidence and innovations in the biomedical field. These are some of the main innovations envisaged by the National Vaccine Plan 2023-2025 which today had the go-ahead in the State-Regions Conference, as the Ministry of Health underlines in a note. The document identifies, among the goals to be achieved over the three-year period, concrete actions and effective strategies in order to increase vaccination coverage especially in subjects at high risk of disease, strengthening governance, networks and vaccination prevention pathways, as well as through the adoption of a proactive vision and an approach centered on the needs of the citizen.

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The objectives of the 2023-2025 Plan are: to maintain polio-free status; achieve and maintain elimination of measles and rubella; strengthen the prevention of cervical cancer and other HPV-related diseases; achieve and maintain target vaccination coverage by strengthening governance, networks and vaccination prevention pathways; promote vaccination interventions in population groups at high risk for pathology.

The aim is also to reduce inequalities and provide for actions for population groups that are difficult to reach and/or with low vaccination coverage; complete the computerization of the regional vaccination registers and implement the national vaccination register; improve surveillance of vaccine-preventable diseases and strengthen vaccine communication. Finally, promote the culture of vaccinations and formation in vacciniology among health professionals.

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