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Green pass: Gimbe, + 57% tampons in one month, is risk of chaos – Health

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As of October 12, 2021, 389,764 third doses of Covid-19 vaccines have been administered, with a coverage rate of 5.1%, compared to a vaccinable audience of 7.6 million people, according to the categories provided for by the ministerial circular of 27 September (which includes immunocompromised, over 80, guests and staff of the RSA, health workers over 60 or vulnerable to severe Covid-19) . This is what emerges from the new monitoring of the Gimbe foundation, which underlines considerable regional differences: ranging from 18.3% in Molise to 0% in Valle D’Aosta.

With the progressive extension of the green pass, the number of rapid antigenic swabs increased by 57.7% in one month. The weekly average went from 113 thousand on August 6 to 178 thousand on September 7, and then stabilized between 175 thousand and 185 thousand. This documents the existence of a segment of the population that does not intend to get vaccinated “, again emerges from the new monitoring of the Gimbe Foundation, which warns: from 15 October, “with these numbers you risk chaos“. It is estimated, in fact, about 3.8 million unvaccinated workers, therefore,” from 15 October the estimated weekly need for rapid antigenic swabs is between 7.5 and 11.5 million: a number very far from 1, 2 million made in the week 6-12 October “. The current system that focuses on authorized pharmacies and centers, explains Nino Cartabellotta, president of Gimbe,” will not be able to guarantee, at least in the short term, an adequate supply of antigenic products at a controlled price ” . To cope with the increased need for tests “it is urgent both to expand the number of pharmacies and other authorized structures that adhere to the price-controlled agreement, and to strengthen the activity to increase the number of swabs”. may come from the proposals made in recent days, such as extending the validity of tampons to 72 hours or do-it-yourself tampons: “in addition to having no scientific basis, they present health, medical-legal and insurance risks”, concludes Carta bellotta.

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“Sul green pass we asked the government to consider further reducing tampon costs and to support business and work on the subject of health and safety. The prime minister assured us that in the next few hours the government will also decide on possible initiatives in this sense “, said the secretary general of the CISL, Luigi Bar, at the end of the meeting at Palazzo Chigi. “We took the opportunity to signal to the government” the need for “a very strong lowering of the cost of the tampon and that the tax credit on all sanitation costs be strengthened to allow companies to address this issue”, he also said. the leader of the CGIL Maurizio Landini. “Personally – he added – I think it would be a very important fact that all companies, not just some, as is happening, should take on the burden of paying the buffer for all workers”.

The monitoring also underlines that for the second consecutive week, the number of new vaccinates decreases: from 493 thousand to 378 thousand (-23.2%). And the daily average (7-day moving average) of new vaccinates “gradually dropped from almost 172,000 on 12 August to 54,000 on 10 October”. Data that show how “the ‘gentle push’ of the green pass has had modest effectiveness in countering vaccination hesitation”. Given that the green certification “has not produced the desired results and that from tomorrow there is a risk of chaos, with hundreds of thousands of workers without green certification unable to carry out a swab, the Government must take into account the obligation to vaccinate”, he comments the president Gimbe Nino Cartabellotta.

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