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GRF23, a week against health poverty (04/02/2023)

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GRF23, a week against health poverty (04/02/2023)

The Drug Collection Day – Grf reaches its twenty-third edition and also this year it will last a whole week taking off Tuesday 7 February to end on Monday 13. In over 5,500 pharmacies who adhere to the initiative throughout Italy (the list is online at bancofarmaceutico.org and can be identified thanks to the poster on display) it will be possible donate one or more over-the-counter medicines for people living in health poverty.
In 2022, over 479,470 packs were collected for a value of 3,819,463 euros, but this year the 1,800 welfare realities who take care of at least 400,000 people in conditions of health poverty by offering free treatment and medicines, they report more than double the requirement. At Banco Farmaceutico – reads a note – these realities have signaled that to respond to the health needs of the ever increasing number of people in conditions of health poverty assisted exceeds one million medicines.
Above all, analgesics and antipyretics, oral anti-inflammatories, cough preparations, drugs for joint and muscle pain, intestinal antimicrobials and antiseptics will be needed.

“The international crisis has caused an increase in the cost of living which will have repercussions on poor families, on the very welfare organizations they turn to when they need help, but also on many non-poor families”, he says Sergio Daniotti, President of the Pharmaceutical Bank Foundation. «Donating a drug for those who cannot afford it is a way to express, through a simple gesture of gratuitousness, the best of our humanity and to give a sign of hope; a hope that our society, shaken first by Covid and now by the war on Europe’s gates, feels a strong need for, and which will resound strongly, Saturday 11 February (the most important day of Harvest week), also on the occasion of World Day of the Sick».

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Above the poster exhibited by the pharmacies, below a volunteer during a past edition of the Grf

Drug Collection Day is made possible by the support of over 18 thousand pharmacists (owners and non-owners) who, in addition to hosting the GRF, support it with donations. Also this year the initiative is supported by more than 22 thousand volunteers who will be on the pitch especially on Saturday 11 February.

«Also this year the pharmacies actively participate in the Drug Collection Day. An important initiative to give concrete help to those in need. Social responsibility is in the DNA of the pharmacy and this also translates into attention and sensitivity to health inequalities, unfortunately present in many parts of our country and the world. Pharmacists in pharmacies are in contact with citizens and are aware that, unfortunately, in recent years there has been an increase in economic hardship and health poverty, due to contingent situations such as the pandemic emergency and the exacerbation of the international crisis, with the consequent increase in the cost of living. The trust that citizens place in us every day is testimony to our daily commitment, as health professionals, towards the community and the most fragile”, he declared Marco Cossolo, president of Federfarma Nazionale.
“The Federation of Pharmacists continues its commitment alongside Banco Farmaceutico to offer concrete help to the most vulnerable people, supporting the collection of medicines that are most effectively needed”, he comments Andrea Mandelli, president of the Federation of Italian Pharmacists’ Orders (Fofi). «The current economic crisis has exacerbated the already widespread health poverty with negative consequences on the health conditions of many Italians. Faced with this situation, everyone’s contribution is essential to help those in difficulty. Heartfelt thanks go to the over 18,000 pharmacists who have made themselves available for this important solidarity initiative, confirming the social value of the commitment made daily in the area at the service of citizens. Thanks also to the many volunteers and to all the Italians who, with their generosity, will make it possible to collect the medicines necessary to support those who are forced to give up treatment and care for their loved ones».

The GRF takes place under the High Patronage of the Presidency of the Republic, with the patronage of Aifa and in collaboration with Cdo Opere Sociali, Federfarma, Fofi, Federchimica Assosalute, Egualia – Accessible Pharmaceutical Industries and BFResearch. Intesa Sanpaolo is the Institutional Partner of the initiative. The drug collection day is realized thanks to the unconditional contribution of Ibsa Farmaceutici, Teva Italia, EG Stada Group and DHL Supply Chain Italia and the support of Doc Generici, Piam Farmaceutici, Zentiva and Chiapparoli Logistica.
The twenty-third Grf is supported by Rai for Sustainability – Esg, Mediafriends, La7, Sky for social issues, and Pubblicità Progresso.

The images are from the Press Office

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