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ALESSANDRIA – As always theVolta Institute of Alexandria proves to be a step forward. With the start of the lessons it was in fact inaugurated the new outdoor gym, a modern and avant-garde structure that allows you to carry out outdoor exercises under the supervision of qualified personnel and to try your hand at sports Calisthenics, the basic fitness training for athletes, which provides physical and mental benefits.

The initiative was funded by the Ministry of Education, within the project “Summer school plan 2021-2022“. “This discipline” stressed the head teacher Maria Elena Dealessi “It allows you to use your body weight as resistance, to train and develop your body in a healthy, harmonious and gradual way. Given the ongoing health emergency, as an institute, we will try to make the most of outdoor sports and motor science activities, with the aim of encouraging all those disciplines that come close to the expectations and preferences of our students. In short, an open-air sports laboratory “.

Furthermore, on the occasion of the inauguration, the Alexandrian school was able to count on an exceptional guest: the athlete Gaggi Yatarov, specialized in this sector and winner of numerous sports and television awards. Talent of Italia’s Got Talent 2015, Yatarov entertained the students of our school, providing them with suggestions, skills and micro lessons on this discipline, offering maximum availability also in answering the questions of our students. “It was a moment really nice and constructive, which helps us to hope for the start and the continuation of this new school year that has just begun”Concluded Dealessi thanks also to the Councilor for Educational Services Silvia Straneo, always present at the initiatives of our school “.

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