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Hairstyles from 70 that make you younger: the most beautiful looks

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Hairstyles from 70 that make you younger: the most beautiful looks

A new hairstyle is a hit at any age. And admittedly, who doesn’t love the feeling of exiting the hair salon? If you’re thinking about your next haircut, we’re here to help. Check out some of the most beautiful hairstyles over 70 that make you younger and get inspired to make a change!

Have you heard? 70 is the new 50! According to a German study, today’s 75-year-olds are mentally fitter and younger than 20 years ago. When it comes to hair, however, women over 70 know all too well that there’s no magical way to turn back time. The shock of hair becomes thinner, more brittle and loses not only its color but also its original shine. It is therefore important that you wear the right hairstyle that can successfully conceal these blemishes. Because with a suitable hairstyle you can definitely look younger – even after 70.

Which hairstyles for women over 70 make you younger?

While it’s true that you’re as young as you feel, it’s a fact of life that our hair changes as we age, just like our faces. Characteristics such as thinning hair, slow hair growth and changes in hair texture are completely normal and nothing to worry about. Nevertheless, they can change our appearance and often not in a positive direction. It is therefore all the more important in old age that you pay a little more attention to the selection of the hairstyle.

This is what the perfect hairstyle looks like

A flattering hairstyle for women over 70 should ensure a lot. It should add volume to naturally thinning hair and complement your face shape. It should also be noted that the current trends in hairstyles after 70 do not play such an important role. If you go this route, your hairstyle can do the exact opposite and make you look older. Instead, you need a custom cut that fits your face, conceals pronounced wrinkles, and draws attention to your favorite features. Furthermore, it should fit into your routine and lifestyle.

Short or long hair after 70?

Choosing a new haircut gets harder and harder as you get older, as there are so many factors to consider. From the hair length to the cut, everything matters. Hair becomes thinner and more brittle over the years. It is therefore advisable from the age of 70 to switch to a short hairstyle if you still wear your hair long. You will surely be amazed what a difference a short cut can make. The hair looks fuller, stronger and healthier and can also be styled much faster and easier.

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10 Flattering Hairstyles Over 70 That Make You Younger

The next visit to the hairdresser is coming up? Then it is important that you can show the hairdresser a hairstyle that you like as a guide. The professional can then advise you on whether this cut suits you and how it can be customized to suit your face and hair texture. Here we share some beautiful hairstyles for women over 70 that can make you look younger when modified to suit your face shape and style.

Layered bob with bangs

If you want to hide wrinkles around the eyes and on the forehead, you need a soft framing of the face and straight bangs. This creates movement that distracts the eye from the folds. Subtle highlights make the rejuvenating effect of this hairstyle even more effective.

Medium-length hairstyles from 70 in light shades

To reduce the signs of aging around your chin and jawline, you need slightly longer hairstyles with chin-length layers. They hide these areas well. A shoulder-length or chin-length bob is also suitable. A sassy short haircut accentuates and highlights all of your facial features when you go for a very short cut. As for color, light tones are the most flattering and practical.

Accentuate your eyes with a pixie cut

With a short haircut like the pixie cut, you can accentuate your eyes. A short fringe above the eyebrows is the perfect complement. You can decide for yourself whether it is fringed, curved at the side or cut bluntly – all options look beautiful. When you color your hair, you can really stand out with a hair color that contrasts with your eyes.

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The shag cut is a popular classic for curly hair

The cheekbones are the facial feature least affected by wrinkles. Therefore, it would make sense to wear a hairstyle that puts an accent on it. A shag cut lets you show off your cheekbones and draw attention away from the creases of your eyes and mouth. Shaggy hairstyles over 70 are very easy to care for and are perfect for women with wavy or curly hair.

Straight bob with side parting

Straight hair is a boon for the older ladies. All you have to do is comb them in the morning and don’t do any other grooming. A classic bob with rounded ends is perfect for straight hair. For a rejuvenating effect, wear your hair with a side parting.

Cheeky hairstyles from 70: asymmetrical and with a color accent

Can’t decide between short and medium length hair? Then how about an asymmetrical cut? An asymmetric bob that’s longer on one side than the other is a great way to add movement to your hair. This hairstyle exudes a certain extravagance, but it becomes even more striking with a pop of color.

Cheeky short haircut with undercut

If we mentioned extravagant, we can’t disregard the cheeky undercut either. Parts of the hair such as the sides or the nape of the neck are completely shaved off in order to set an interesting accent. A pixie or a short bob goes very well with this. If you want to keep the undercut a little more subtle, then we recommend a long pixie with an undercut at the nape of the neck.

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Der Bowl Cut Pixie

The pixie cut is without a doubt one of the most popular short hairstyles for women over 70. But what should it look like in order to have a rejuvenating effect? For straight hair, the 70’s bowl cut is a great option that’s even trending again. If you don’t have a problem with regularly coloring your hair, you can spice up the short haircut with highlights and magic several years away from your face.

Pixie with short sides and volume for gray hair

Bold ladies who are not afraid to make a drastic change will love this look. It does require a bit more styling, but it doesn’t take long with naturally curly hair. The main thing is to have enough length in the top hair and to find a suitable styling product.

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The bixie cut for women over 70

Going back to the simple 70’s hairstyles, the now modern bixie cut is a really flattering choice. The combination of bob hairstyle and pixie cut is perfect for conjuring up volume in the hair and can successfully rejuvenate women with a narrow face.

Are you ready for a new haircut? Then choose your favorite look and show it to your hairdresser. Together you will find a suitable look that suits you perfectly.

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