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Harry against Carlo: “He doesn’t show him his daughter”

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Last September, the royal family had to face a new scandal, now known as “Cash for Honors”, in which one of Prince Charles’s most trusted collaborators, 51-year-old Michael Fawcett, was involved. Some tabloids have allegedly hinted at a possible involvement of the principe Harry in the matter. The person concerned categorically denied the allegations, but his words raised a new wall between the Sussex and the Windsors.

Sale of honors

The now former CEO of the Prince’s Foundation, Michael Fawcett, would have entered into an agreement with the Saudi businessman Mahfouz Marei Mubarak bin Mahfouz: a million and a half pounds in exchange for the granting of British citizenship and the honor of “Commander Of The Most Excellent Order Of The British Empire ”(arrived in 2016). According to the reconstructions of the Sunday Times and the Mail On Sunday, the generous donation would have financed the residences of Dumfries House of the Castle of Mey, managed by the foundation of the Prince Charles. The latter, however, would have been completely unaware of the deception. Following the scandal, Michael Fawcett had to resign from his leadership role in the charity. Everything cleared up? Not really.

The newspapers that carried out the investigation into the “Cash For Honors” found that, in 2013, Prince Harry would have received from the Saudi billionaire the sum of 50 thousand pounds for his charity Sentebale. One way in which bin Mahfouz hoped, perhaps, to be introduced into the narrow circle of friends of the royal family. Furthermore, it seems that Harry and the businessman met twice, once in 2013, in a London pub, another in 2014, at Clarence House. The prince, however, is not connected to the scandal. A spokesperson said: “The duke had a meeting dating back 8 years and has not presented [l’imprenditore] to any member of his family “. Indeed, the spokesman specified, “[Harry] expressed doubts [su bin Mahfouz]” e “With his advisers he cut off relations with Mr. Mahfouz … in 2015, not accepting further donations for Sentebale”. No one knows, however, whether the duke also reported his fears to Prince Charles.

Harry’s departure

According to experts, the position taken by the Duke of Sussex it was done with inopportune ways and times, highlighting further distancing between father and son. With his words Harry would have embarrassed his father, leaving him alone in the face of the responsibilities and repercussions of the scandal. Expert Angela Levin says: “[Harry] he does not directly mention Carlo in his statement, but… he looks for every opportunity to strike at his father and criticize him ”. Among other things, as Ingrid Seward explains, Harry would never have had any sympathy for Michael Fawcett, nor understood how his father could grant him such esteem. This, however, does not justify the duke’s turnaround.

To think that at the beginning of December Page Six had reported the news of the resumption of the dialogue between the principles, which have not been seen for 8 months. Now this unexpected stab for the heir to the throne. A confidant of his revealed to the Sun: “[Carlo] he is deeply shocked and hurt ”by Harry’s latest statements… There is a fear that the episode with Mahfouz will become one of the chapters of Harry’s autobiography”. The source claims there isn’t “No chance for Carlo to … defend himself publicly, so he continues to maintain a dignified silence” to prevent the controversy from damaging the Crown. The morale, however, would be on the ground. Carlo, who continues “To love his son very much”, sees the possibility of meeting for the first time vanish once again Lilibet Diana and that would only add to his sadness.

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