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Health bonus: here’s how to save on medical expenses

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Health bonus: here’s how to save on medical expenses

Government Introduces New Health and Care Bonuses for 2024

In recent years, the government has been focusing on providing bonuses and benefits aimed at improving the physical and psychological well-being of its citizens. With the arrival of the new year, more support has been extended to families and individuals, particularly those in disadvantaged economic situations.

These benefits are crucial in ensuring access to medical care and alleviating financial burdens for those facing difficulties. However, to be eligible for these benefits, individuals must fall within certain ISEE limits, which measure the overall economic level of the family unit.

Among the various bonuses introduced by the government, there are specific ones dedicated to health and personal care. The 2024 health bonus includes deductions from health expenses, such as specialist visits, laboratory tests, and the purchase of medical devices like masks and prostheses. Additionally, there is a psychologist bonus available for those in need of psychotherapy, with the amount of financial support varying based on the ISEE of the family unit.

For individuals with disabilities, there are bonuses for cars, petrol, and personal assistance workers, as well as support for eliminating architectural barriers. The co-payment for health services remains in place, but exemptions are available for certain individuals, along with shopping vouchers for celiacs based on specific needs.

Overall, the government’s efforts to provide these bonuses and benefits are crucial in supporting the well-being of its citizens and ensuring access to necessary resources for those in need.

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