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Healthcare buildings, public healthcare in Emilia-Romagna is increasingly modern, technological and patient-friendly — Health

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Healthcare buildings, public healthcare in Emilia-Romagna is increasingly modern, technological and patient-friendly — Health

Bonaccini and Donini: “Another extraordinary plan for our region, with investments throughout the territory to respond to new needs for care and assistance”
Over 296 million, including public-private partnership resources, for the construction of the new hospital in Piacenza and 148, between state and regional resources, for interventions from Piacenza to Rimini: the complete list

February 22, 2024 – One public and universal healthcare increasingly modern, technological, capable of responding to new care and assistance needs: a plan is ready investments in healthcare construction financed with almost half a billion euros (exactly 445 million), which will lead to Emilia Romagna new hospitals, starting from that of Piacenza, new local health facilities – from health homes to community hospitals – new operating rooms and hospital pavilions and will redevelop existing ones, also equipping them with new furnishings, equipment for remote home care and cutting-edge technologies.

Ж stands approved by the regional council il ‘Multi-year investment program in Healthcare VII Phase – First and second phase’with the detailed list of interventions to be carried out by health and hospital companies: available i state funds for 266 million and 758 thousand euros, the 5% co-financing from the Region of 14 million, another 4 million regional and municipal resources and, in the case of the Piacenza Hospital, 160 million and 331 thousand euros from public private partnership. Interventions identified by the Region after having collected the needs of the territories and already passed byapproval of the Legislative Assembly, which are not included in this package the new hospital in Carpi (Mo), financed by the previous Program (VI phase), and that of Cesenawhich is also already scheduled.

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Specifically, they are be i criteria who guided the selection of this package of interventions: the completion of hospital and local health facilities to which they are intended over 24 million euros; regulatory adaptation regarding seismic safety and fire prevention for totals 55 million euros; then the realization of new local health facilities per 13 million euros. And again, the setup with biomedical, IT and furniture technologies of the buildings built or renovated through the “Towards a safe and sustainable hospital” programme, financed by the PNC, for over 16 million euros; the acquisition of kit for 1st level telemonitoring and remote home assistance per around 800 thousand euros; finally, the strengthening of hospital facilities financed with 38.5 million of total euros.

The measure, presented this morning in Press conference by the president Stefano Bonaccini and by the councilor for health policies, Raffaele Doninihe comes now sent to the Ministry of Health to proceed with signing of the relevant Program Agreements.

“Another extraordinary plan for Emilia-Romagna – they underline Bonaccini e Donini-, with healthcare building interventions throughout the territory, from Piacenza to Romagna, which join the network of assistance and emergency centers and strengthen and modernize hospitals, create new territorial structures or new departments where necessary, and equip them with most modern technologies and comforts. For healthcare facilities that are increasingly tailored to those who work there and to patients, capable of providing adequate responses to the needs of citizens and modern healthcare. A public and universal health system – add the president and councilor – for whose defense we will continue to fight and invest, through building planning plans but also through the reorganization of the emergency emergency system, which we are confident will become a point of reference at a national level” .

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The investment program (109.93 KB)

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