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Healthcare sinks but it’s time to react

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Healthcare sinks but it’s time to react

by Aldo Grasselli

The Government dismisses the maneuver with a derisory funding. The 19.7 billion Pnrr finances structures that will be left without health personnel. The Mes offers healthcare financing at a lower cost than the Btp issued but it is not liked. The MEF does not license the guidelines for the contract of doctors, veterinarians and health professionals. We just have to cry or react to change things.

30 NOV

According to the Regions, in the next 3 years there will be a shortage of 15 billion for healthcare. The minimum resources, the most urgent, to replenish part of the missing personnel to support the expensive energy that has increased the costs of services and supplies, to leave things essentially unchanged, that is, sliding on an inclined plane of progressive decline.

In the emergency phase, the contradictions that the autonomies system had in its body all joined together and led to the broader crisis of national welfare, tearing apart the defenses of the most fragile sections of the population, the destitute, the poor, the new poor, the elderly and sick.
Those who have held up and are holding up the system are not corporate theories or technical-political management but the employees and affiliates of the National Health Service who keep the NHS blast furnace lit every day in which the destinies of many people are burned and the model is consumed universalistic and solidaristic of constitutional public health.

Everyone used words of praise in the midst of the pandemic. Everyone has talked about relaunching public health. Everyone has foreseen adequate recognition for the healthcare personnel who have fought in these two years to save thousands of people and now see the contract of employees in the sector renewed with an increase of just over 4% when the average inflation in 2022 will be 9% and in 2023 it will exceed 12%.

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The guideline to start the negotiation of the medical, veterinary and health management lies in the drawers of the MEF. In any case, the budget is still a plus 4% for a 2019-2021 contract which therefore expired for a year which should have regulated and remunerated the work of the previous three-year period.

After all the imaginative and imaginative proposals on the budget law, a futuristic gesture would have been welcome so as to be able to negotiate and sign a 2019-2021 contract and jointly 2022-2024 for all health personnel, and with adequate resources.

Instead, the Meloni-Salvini-Berlusconi government intends to build a “new fiscal pact”. A portion of the maneuver will go towards measures such as the cut in the tax wedge, the Flat Tax, the increased threshold of tax-free premiums and fringe benefits, cash at 5,000 euros, optional ATMs under 60 euros.

There are no useful measures to boost public health, which concretely means boosting NHS personnel who are showing understandable symptoms of tiredness and discomfort, a consequent increase in disaffection with work in the NHS, the flight of professionals towards the private sector and a irreparable damage to the enforceability of the right to health.

In our opinion, however, it is necessary that all personnel who have worked in the NHS: employee and contracted, health and administrative, executive and professional, find an ally in Parliament. The recently revised budget law must be amended to give economic recognition to NHS staff who reverse the factors and show the esteem and value of work in health care, from the luminary director of the department to the worker with the most elementary job.

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The resources to gratify those who work in health cannot be found in bargaining, nor can it be thought that the 4% increase in everyone’s salaries is used to gratify only a part of the staff. It is not colleagues who have to sacrifice themselves to better finance those who work more, to overcome the crises of the system it must be general taxation that provides effective responses, first of all emergency but also structural.

It is not enough to detax ancillary work, it is not enough to put premiums on discomfort in the emergency room, it is necessary to legislate a loan that determines an adequate increase in the income of NHS personnel. There are only two ways: either a non-contractual loan aimed at increasing fixed and recurring contractual items or a cut, at least temporarily, in income tax.

If you don’t want a substantial and irreversible privatization of healthcare.

If you want to bridge the North-South assistance differentials.

Let Parliament decide how to give healthcare personnel due recognition.

On 15 December we will take to the streets in Rome to reiterate these issues and urge Parliament to intervene appropriately on the budget law and in each company the union assemblies will give a concrete sign of the discomfort and dissatisfaction of doctors, vets and health workers of the NHS.

Aldo Grasselli
President Fvm

November 30, 2022
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