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Healthcare table of the Third Pole: «Doctors and few nurses are missing. The abandoned basic medicine »

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Healthcare table of the Third Pole: «Doctors and few nurses are missing.  The abandoned basic medicine »

Pavia. Few doctors and few nurses. Poorly paid and overworked, both in the area and in hospitals. This is the scenario of Lombard healthcare a few weeks before the elections that will decide the next regional president. Topics at the center of Monday evening’s debate organized by the Third Pole, which supports the candidacy of Letizia Moratti: former councilor for welfare before Guido Bertolaso. Some representatives of the Pavia health system were present, and the critical issues of the area ended up at the center of the debate. “Basic medicine is the great forgotten by Lombard politics in the last twenty years,” said Giorgio Monti, general practitioner and representative of the trade union Fimmg, one of the guests of the round table. «Of the dozens of general practitioners trained in the province, few remain to work. We need a reform of training courses to be implemented immediately ». Also present was Giovanni Belloni (vice president of the medical association of Pavia) who emphasized the critical issues of the province: «We live in the oldest part of the Region – he said – and as age increases, so do the pathologies: The problem is both social and health, because treating older patients means making investments in hospitals and strengthening local structures. The Region lacks a director capable of coordinating these actions, to put hospitals and the territory in communication ». The debate was also animated by Luca Foresti (Sant’Agostino group) and Susanna Verlini, from the federation of physiotherapists. The guests of the evening were the Pavia candidates of the Third pole: Angela Gregorini, Giuliana La-in-law and Pier Achille Lanfranchi were present, the members of the list who support the former councilor. “In the Region we must work to increase the salaries of doctors – said Gregorini, speaking of the Third Pole recipe for solving health problems – we must encourage areas considered unattractive such as basic medicine, relieving the bureaucratic burden that weighs on our shoulders of doctors in the clinic. A factor on which the Region can intervene, plugging the shortcomings of a lack of programming even at a national level: the places in the specialties have only recently been increased. We also need to revitalize other health professionals such as nurses.”

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Towards the regional ones, Moratti in Voghera: «Efficient trains from Voghera to Milan are needed. And there is a need for security


Healthcare warms up the first confrontation on TV

It is a rebound of accusations, between merits and demerits, that which takes place in the first face-to-face between the candidates for the presidency of Lombardy, hosted by Tgr Rai. Especially on healthcare. Civic Letizia Moratti, supported by the Third Pole, claims her work: “I brought Lombardy to be first for the vaccination plan”, but the president of the Region re-nominated with the center-right, Attilio Fontana, ignores the past in addition to the ex vice president and praises his councilor Guido Bertolaso ​​”for the great vaccination campaign”. The candidate of the Democratic Party and 5 Stars Pierfrancesco Majorino shoots zero on the whole system: «It is unacceptable that today the Lombards are told: ‘Do you want to be treated in a dignified manner and certain times? Then pay. The Region has shown itself inadequate. The candidate of Unione Popolare, Mara Ghidorzi, intervenes in the crossfire, who sees Lombardy as a “social desert for territorial assistance and calls for a health system that becomes public again”.

The garrison of the CGIL

To ignite the issue of Lombard healthcare in difficulty, the CGIL has called three principals under the main medical assistance structures in the province. The appointment is this morning from 10 for all three events: in Pavia the protest will be in the shadow of the recently inaugurated community house in Piazzale Golgi. The candidate of the democratic party Pierfrancesco Majorino will also be present. In Vigevano the appointment is at the Asst hospital (corso Milano), while in Voghera the concentration is in via Volturno, where there is the public city hospital.

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