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Baltazar Medina, new director of the Games

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Baltazar Medina, new director of the Games

Julian Andres Santa

During her visit to Manizales, the Minister of Sport MMaria Isabel Urrutia, made the official announcement of the new director of the National Games that will be held in the month of November in the Eje Cafetero. This is the current president of the Bolivarian Sports Organization, ODEBO, Baltazar Medina, who from today will be in charge of directing and giving direction to the organization of the most important sports fairs in the country, assuming leadership from his experience.

EIn a press conference in the capital of Caldas, this was stated by the minister. SThe story went that we did not have a director of the games, obviously it was going to be like that because all the contracts ended on December 31, which until then the last government had hired. I cannot assemble one director over another and the one who was there had a contract to provide services, so they sell us the idea that resigns, no, the contract is over and we are in the hiring process ”.

His intention is not to take the Games

We have been there for five months and we have tried our best and if in such a case that I wanted to take the Games from the Coffee Axis, I would not take them to the Valley but to Bogotá, I have been living in the capital for 15 years but my intention is not for them to come out the games here. We made a work plan and a commitment in two meetings and we have reached an agreement that we had to work together to get the best possible games here and I think that in these months we have done it”.

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Dand great experience

The Minister designates this great challenge to who also served as president of the Colombian Olympic Committee and will be accompanied in the subdirection by the architect and athlete, Andrés Felipe Rendón. “PFor me it is a great honor to commit myself to taking on this challenge as a great challenge that all of us in sport have to continue showing that we are capable, despite adversities, to move these Games forward. for mein I am very pleased to accept this designation”.

Ehope to improve communication

The Secretary of Sports of Risaralda, Louis Edward Duke, gave his concept of the designation of Medina. “We came from a couple that was doing things very well like Dr. Jhon Jairo Velásquez and Mariana Mesa, now we will have a sports person, a mourner, a teacher who will definitely contribute a lot to us. We already had the first meeting with him, We await coordination with the Ministry, communication, and with it we are guaranteed that.”

Relationship with the Minister

Regarding the contact with Minister Urrutia, he said: “She has to help us with the royalty part and all the technical feasibility of the sports venues because it is necessary, it will also speed up the processes. On February 1 we will have the most technical committee that we are going to have, we want to already have like all the people who will be in the protocol, logistics, and volunteer commissions, so that there is a line, for example in the case of ours, Pereira and Risaralda, we are in charge of the inauguration”.

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We saved the Games”

Along with the Secretary of Sports of the department, they were also present for Risaralda is Secretary of Sports de Pereira, Gustavo Rivera, in addition to the deputy Juliana Enciso, who stated: Lograms than whats Games stayedin in the Eje Cafetero, now it is necessary to continue insisting on contingency plans, in case the difficulties with the sports venues become a new obstacle. I feel very calm with the appointment of a man whom I know for his work around sports and I will be attentive to accompany and follow up on the schedules, hoping to meet them on time to have the National Games of the category that our region deserves. ”.


This Wednesday, February 1, a technical committee of the National Games will be held in Pereira with the presence of Minister María Isabel Urrutia.

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