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Heart, how to keep it healthy from home by following these infallible rule

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Here’s how to keep the health, and in particular the heart, under control of each of us with small daily steps to prevent all cardiovascular diseases.

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the cardiovascular diseases are the number one enemy of the human being, who sometimes considers himself too busy to look after his health. Far too often we hear of deaths from circulatory problems, heart attacks and strokes. These diseases are all caused by problems with the circulatory system and, although it is currently thought that i the main affected are only men, in reality this is not the case at all.

They are humorous in fact women at risk of heart attack who do not take their own health into consideration in the least or who, in most cases, greatly underestimate prevention. Well, the reality is quite different, the first way to prevent certain diseases is prevention, which is based on small tricks to be adopted to your lifestyle to lead a healthy and balanced life. Everything, as you can well imagine, starts fromnutrition and obviously from physical activity. Few are the people who take these aspects into account and for this reason the deaths due to cardiovascular problems are approximately 17.3 million per year all over the world.

How to protect your heart from the serious illnesses you may experience

As anticipated, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to improve your outlook on life and also prevent various problems. There are seven main measures to be taken and two of these have already been mentioned, namely healthy eating and physical activity. To these, however, are obviously added: cholesterol, glycemia, pressure, various medical checkups, smoke. All of this will greatly affect the health of your heart.

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The various tips to safeguard your health

  • Per healthy eating we mean a balanced lifestyle. Of course, you will not have to deprive yourself of satisfying some desire every now and then but you must do it with extreme moderation. Doctors themselves recommend following one diet rich in legumes, fruits and vegetables, whole grains and fish. The Mediterranean diet would be ideal, of course must be avoided: alcoholic, fats and sugars. Even the quantities of salt used have a significant influence.
  • L’physical activity that you will need to prevent the various problems is certainly not extreme. It will be enough for you to do some activities for only 30 minutes a day, days ago. Even walking is considered excellent prevention. If this is not possible, it is a good idea to minimize travel by public transport, that is: go shopping on foot or take the grandchildren to the park.
  • A very important aspect that greatly affects is the habit of smoking. Don’t be fooled by the rumors, even young people are at risk of heart attack from smoking. This indeed it clogs blood vessels by filling their walls with fat. Plus the smoke is the first cause of tumors. It is therefore good to say goodbye to cigarettes, for your health and even for those around you.
  • Must keep cholesterol values ​​under controlIt is therefore a good idea to undergo various routine checks to make sure that everything goes smoothly. There are even some natural remedies for lower cholesterol, however, it is better to consult a specialist.
  • The pressure, like cholesterol and blood sugar, must be kept strictly under control. This must be within stable limits if you have to notice changes in your blood pressure or an increase in heart rate you should promptly consult a specialist, obviously if the problem persists.
  • It also needs to keep your blood sugar under control. hyperglycemia, which indicates an excessive presence of sugar in the blood, is one of the main causes of cardiovascular problems. THE values ​​considered “normal” they should re-enter fra i 70 ed i 100 milligrammi / decilitro, obviously after the pre-established eight hours of fasting. Decreasing the sugars and salt in your diet will help you greatly and make your heart healthy and strong.

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