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Turin, much emotion for the last farewell to Adrien Sandjo, the 18-year-old who died during a football training

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There, right in his field where he scored so many goals, Adrien Sandjo took leave of his teammates and the world of football. At the Cit Turin in Corso Ferrucci the religious function of extreme farewell to the young 18-year-old Cameroonian who died last December 23 following a cardiac arrest during a training of the regional representative took place. So many people, so many young people and so much emotion for the rite celebrated outdoors by Don Baracco, parish priest of the Sacred Heart of Jesus parish, and Don Belfiore, director of the Agnelli Institute, to signify Adrien’s belonging to that world.

The coffin in the middle of the pitch, a Toro shirt with the number 9 signed by his idols, the teammates placed around the coffin, the Cit Turin scarf with a ball, the balloons thrown to the sky at the end of the function: the last farewell to the young Cameroonian striker was touching and capable of involving different communities and worlds.

«The deepest sentiment of the function – says the president of Cit Turin, Angelo Frau – was one of unity, let us all close in a gigantic embrace around Adrien and his family. I saw so much pain on the part of the Cameroonian community and its teammates who had a T-shirt printed with his face and were crying bitterly ».

A complete suffering, almost severe and summed up in the words of his uncle who recalled “the goodness of Adrien that cannot be written but also his responsibility, although so young, so much so that it can be said that he had three wives: his mother, his sister and his girlfriend ». Many commemorations including that of the elementary school teacher who recalled how «Adrien had many dreams in addition to that of football because he wanted to become an Italian teacher. In class he defended the weakest, a true model of life ». The president of the Mossino Committee, recalling having a son of the same age as Adrien, then invited all the athletes to take a cue from his dreams without ever holding back.

Meanwhile, the subscription launched by Cit Turin to help the family of Adrien and Angelo Frau ensures that there will be a demonstration to remember Adrien, adding however: “Not one of the many tournaments but an event perhaps with the Representative and institutional teams to raise awareness on the problem of medical and health visits in the world of sport ».


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