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How many times a week is it recommended to eat turkey breast?

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How many times a week is it recommended to eat turkey breast?

Do you know how many times, on a weekly basis, it is possible to consume turkey breast? Here is the answer from the experts.

According to experts, there are specific times a week when you can consume some Turkey breast.

The origins of this animal

Il turkeywhose scientific name is Meleagris gallopavois of North American origins and, according to some studies, should derive from a progenitor similar to the pheasant.

Turkeys (Pixabay) – Wineandtourfood.it

To support this thesis, however, are the remains of similar speciesdating back to around 50,000 years ago.

Subsequently, in less remote times, that is approximately during the sixteenth century, the turkey it spread, first in Spain, and then throughout Europe.

Il turkeytherefore, was easily appreciated in European countries, perhaps also due to the fact that the practice ofanimal breeding it was already quite advanced.

Be that as it may, we must also remember that, still today, there are different ones breeds of turkeys.

In particular, the larger size turkeys are the ones americans which, in fact, can even weigh 20 kilos.

As for Italy, however, we can find the breeds of Treviso and Piacenza and Parma, respectively characterized by a dark and gray plumage. Then, again, there’s the race of Romagna which has a bronzed plumage.

Il turkeyhowever, is also quite present in the Italian cuisine. Indeed, it is a good alternative to red meat and can become, especially the sprayprotagonist of appetizing recipes.

Stew (Instagram) – Wineandfoodtour.it

For example, we can do great things rolls or delicious ones Turkey tidbitsaccompanied with bacon.

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Furthermore, two second courses not to be forgotten are the roast turkey e the turkey stew.

How many times can you eat turkey breast

Il turkeyin addition to being part of our cuisine, is often associated with the United States, not only because they are its true origins, but also because it is a symbol of the traditional Thanksgiving Day.

Turkey breast (Instagram) – Wineandfoodtour.it

In fact, as is remembered every year, i Pilgrimsduring the seventeenth century, they brought turkeys back to America.

Il turkeyjust like chicken and rabbit, belongs to the group of White meat. Often and willingly, therefore, a low-calorie diet is also chosen.

Il turkeyin general, it is recommended precisely for its faculty of prevent cardiovascular disease and stroke.

Also not to be underestimated is the fact that, usually, this type of meat reduces the risk of obesity and the onset of diabetes.

The Turkey breastconsidered to all intents and purposes a cured meat, it is possible to find it in supermarkets both fresh and inside the classic pans.

In fact, the part that is usually used in the kitchen is right there spray. The latter, in this case, consists of the chest muscles, boned and cleaned.

There are many recipes that you can do with the turkey breast. For example, you can cook a good beer-roasted turkey breast, lemon and we can also serve it accompanied by it speck.

Also, the Calories of turkey breast essentially arise for the 90% and protein and for the 10% and lipids.

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Thus, a portion from 100 grams of turkey breast owns 24 grams of protein and just a little more than 1 gram of fat.

At this point, however, one might wonder what it is the ideal consumption and not to be surpassed by the turkey breast.

Thus, apparently, according to experts, you can enter in your personal menu up to twice a week.

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