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Important for your health: That’s why you should never put off boiled eggs

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Important for your health: That’s why you should never put off boiled eggs

The expression “treating something like a raw egg” is no coincidence. Eggs are sensitive to temperature differences. Here we tell you how to extend the shelf life of eggs.

Not only at Easter it is often unclear how long boiled eggs can be kept. As is so often the case, the answer to this question is: It depends – namely on the shell and whether the eggs were quenched.

Why You Shouldn’t Put Eggs in the Fridge Door

They are not only fragile but also sensitive. Fluctuations in temperature, for example, do not like raw eggs at all.

That’s why you should also keep them in the store after you’ve bought them Refrigerator store – but better not in the refrigerator door, advises the North Rhine-Westphalia consumer advice center.

Even if most refrigerator manufacturers have planned the egg compartments in the door of all places, the temperature there is not constant due to opening and closing.

Don’t put boiled eggs off

Eggs can usually be kept for at least 28 days from the date they were laid. The first few days they can be kept without refrigeration due to the natural protective layer on the eggshell.

However, because eggs can cause severe food poisoning (salmonellosis) when spoiled, rapid, consistent refrigeration is advisable.

As a precaution, once the best-before date has expired, raw eggs should only be used for overheated foods – for example in cakes or as hard-boiled eggs.

If you want to store hard-boiled eggs longer, you’d better not put them off. The sudden temperature difference can cause small cracks to appear in the eggshell and microorganisms to enter. This shortens the shelf life of hard-boiled eggs.

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Which eggs last the longest?

Unquenched eggs keep the longest: If the shell is intact, you can still eat them after more than four weeks. Chilled eggs, on the other hand, must be eaten within two weeks, even if stored in a cool place. If the skin is damaged, it should be refrigerated immediately and consumed quickly.

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