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Inter, Juve and Milan in the FIGC: ‘Serie A with 18 teams’

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A A league a 18 teams. The debate on the announced reform of the football championships heats up: Inter, Juventus e Milan in fact they came out into the open today in a meeting in Football Federation with the federal president, Gabriele Gravinain which they lined up for reduce the number of Serie A teams from 20 to 18, a position that goes against the trend of many other clubs. In the meeting, theInter was represented by the managing director, Giuseppe Marottathe Juventus from the ad, Maurizio Scanavinoand by the manager Francesco Calvoil Milan by the president, Paolo Scaroni, connected via videoconference. Together with Gravina, in via Allegri, the lawyer Giancarlo Viglione was also present.

Serie A with 18 teams, the request of the big names

The move of the three historically most powerful and successful clubs in the championship comes – surprisingly – just over 48 hours after assembly from the Serie A League scheduled for Monday morning at Milanowhich has on its agenda in particular the question linked to reforms and federal issues, after the request for greater autonomy in recent days and the threat of moving in Premier League compared to Federation. On the horizon, but ever closer, there is theextraordinary FIGC assembly of 11 March, set precisely to give a new structure to Italian football, and the clubs of the top flight, united in asking for more autonomy but above all greater weight in key choices, must apparently also find a synthesis on the front of the participating teams, which the big ones, as demonstrated by today’s meeting, insist on reducing to 18.

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