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Investigation Launched into Collapse of School Gymnasium in Italy

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Investigation Launched into Collapse of School Gymnasium in Italy

Investigation Launched into Gym Collapse at Casacalenda Primary School

CASACALENDA, November 6 – The mayor of Casacalenda, Sabrina Lallitto, has called for an investigation into the collapse of the gymnasium at the “Di Lalla” primary school in Campobasso. Lallitto filed a complaint with the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Larino this morning, seeking to ascertain any responsibilities for the incident.

The collapse occurred during a wave of bad weather on November 3. In her complaint, Lallitto outlines the events leading up to the collapse and requests an investigation into the reasons behind it. The gymnasium was an anti-seismic building that was constructed and inaugurated in 2008 using funds intended for reconstruction projects.

Following the collapse, the Fire Brigade seized the structure, which was regularly used by primary school students. The adjacent “Di Lalla” school, connected to the gymnasium by a corridor, has been closed as a precautionary measure. However, the Fire Brigade’s investigative unit in Campobasso has ruled out any problems or damage to the school building.

“The teaching activities at the primary and nursery schools will remain suspended until further notice to ensure the safety of the area under seizure and facilitate the reorganization of services,” stated Mayor Lallitto.

The community is now eagerly awaiting the results of the investigation, as residents and parents are concerned about the safety of the educational facilities. The collapse of the gymnasium has raised questions about the quality of construction as well as the allocation and use of funds intended for reconstruction projects.

Further updates on the investigation and the safety measures to be taken will be made available in due course. (HANDLE)

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Read the full article on ANSA.it.

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