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iPhone 15 is not selling as Apple hoped: heavy offers are arriving to empty the warehouses

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iPhone 15 is not selling as Apple hoped: heavy offers are arriving to empty the warehouses

The iPhone 15 is not reaching Apple’s expectations, which is planning heavy offers to sell off the remaining ones. Here are the details.

the iPhone 15 was released six months ago, with moderate success in the American market. Unfortunately the latest version of the very popular smartphone it is not reaching expectations in other markets, especially in China, where competition is particularly fierce. In these markets we are seeing some really deep discounts that suggest sales significantly below expectations, which Apple is trying to counteract with much lower prices than expected.

The iPhone 15 is being sold with heavy offers to counteract disappointing sales – TheWiseMagazine.it

The cause of the sales below expectations probably arises from the very strong competition with Android phones coming from China. Add to this the problems of the iPhone 15, which has been criticized for lack of innovations and use of new AI technologies. In short, the iPhone 15 it doesn’t really offer anything new compared to previous models, leaving room for the competition to take advantage of the opportunity and offer new competitive models. At the moment Samsung and Oppo are at the top, with Huawei close behind, leaving Apple with a product below expectations.

iPhone 15, heavy offers: sales below expectations

To make up for below-expected sales, many retailers they are offering deep discounts. Alibaba is selling the iPhone 15 at a discount of $120, and Apple itself priced the phone at low prices during its February discounts. The lower prices, however, come from third-party sellers, indicating that the iPhone 15 is struggling to sell in China. According to the data, Apple’s sales in China they fell by 13% compared to last year, which saw a total of nearly $21 billion in the final quarter of the year. Analysts had expected to see a total of $23 billion from the sales, but they have fallen short of expectations so far.

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iPhone 15, heavy offers – TheWiseMagazine.it

In addition to the lack of news, Apple still it doesn’t have much to offer in the field of AI. While they are working on new features that take advantage of artificial intelligence, companies like Samsung already have similar features in the Galaxy S24.

iOS 18 could offer the first AI features for Apple smartphones. These features could also be available in older iPhones, which would further expand the company’s sales in weaker markets. It is not yet clear, however, which of these AI features would be available in older models. It remains to be seen how Apple will decide to manage the situation to revive sales.

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