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Irrigation systems in the garden: what makes sense? | > – Guide

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Irrigation systems in the garden: what makes sense?  |  > – Guide

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Especially in hot and dry summers, the plants in the garden need enough water. Which irrigation systems make sense and what tools are there?

Garden plants need extra water in summer. But the right watering is not so easy to accomplish. It is particularly important that the irrigation water gets deep into the earth. This allows the plants to form deep roots and become more resistant to drought. Many beds can still use additional water even after a rain shower.

Use rainwater for watering

It is best to use rainwater for watering and watering the garden. In contrast to tap water, it is particularly soft and ideal for plants. In addition, rainwater saves costs and is not only easy on the wallet, but also on the environment. Rain barrels and cisterns are available for collecting water.

Impact sprinkler: reliable and durable

Rain gauges show exactly how much water has already entered the ground.

The traditional impact sprinkler, also known as a round sprinkler, is still suitable for watering the garden. It has a single beam and works reliably. In doing so, he spreads a lot of water. Because it’s made of solid brass, it tends to last a long time. However, there are a few downsides. It is less suitable for a vegetable garden, as it is unfavorable for many crops if they receive water from above. The water jet is also very susceptible to wind and drifts off in strong gusts. In addition, it is difficult to estimate how much water has reached the bottom. Therefore, it makes sense to also use a rain gauge.

Automatic irrigation with water sprinklers

If you want to water certain areas regularly, like a vegetable patch, it’s easy to install a reliable watering system with a timer, a hose, and several water sprinklers. For smaller beds, starter sets are sufficient, which contain everything you need: including a flexible plastic hose, plug connections, brackets and sprinklers.

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Water sprinklers distribute the wet evenly.

To get by with as little hose as possible, place a central water sprinkler in the middle of the bed. This is connected to the other sprinklers on the sides so that the entire bed is covered. The type of water sprinkler depends on the size of the bed. For manageable areas, there should be several spray nozzles. These should be flat so that not as much water evaporates before it hits the ground.

Square and circle sprinklers for the lawn

Square or modern circular sprinklers are often used to water lawns. The stable square sprinkler is available with different surface settings: for example for the amount or the angle. A filter insert for the sprinkler makes sense when the water comes from the rain barrel. Otherwise, small particles can quickly clog the nozzles. Circular sprinklers are also easily adjustable.

Pop-up sprinkler only visible when in use

If you don’t want to constantly fiddle around with a hose and water sprinkler on your lawn, you can permanently install an irrigation system. The water hoses run underground and the lawn sprinklers only come to the surface for watering. If the flow of water stops, they disappear back into the ground. Together with an irrigation computer, this is a practical matter.

Timer and the best time for watering

An irrigation computer is attached directly to the tap.

Timers for faucets are available from various manufacturers. In principle, a simple clock in which you can program times and days of the week is sufficient. For people with an affinity for technology, there are also watering computers that can be controlled with a smartphone. It is best to water beds and plants early in the morning – around the time of sunrise, so that the leaves can dry off before the sun really burns. Otherwise the water droplets will act like magnifying glasses and the leaves will be damaged.

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A second good time is in the evening, when the sun is already lower and no longer has full strength. Then the watering time should be set so that the plants do not go too wet at night. That would encourage fungal infestation.

Micro-Drip-Systems for individual plants

In contrast to water sprinklers, so-called micro-drip systems are more for watering individual plants. With these water-saving drip systems, plants can be watered in a targeted manner, for example in flower boxes or borders. Of course, the drippers can also be controlled via a timer. In the vegetable patch, micro-drip systems may be a little more work because the plants there – provided the so-called crop rotation is observed – are planted at different locations. The drip systems would then have to be adjusted each time.

Drip hose for hedges and perennials

A drip hose releases the water slowly without water evaporating.

A similar solution is an inconspicuous black, relatively stiff hose that is simply placed in the bed. It also belongs to the Micro-Drip-Systems. The hose has many tiny holes through which it releases water droplets into the environment. A drip hose, also known as a bead hose, is very efficient, there is no evaporation and sensitive crops stay dry on top. The only problem: as soon as the bed is replanted, the hose has to be laid again. However, it is ideal for perennial plants such as hedges and perennials.

The hose is laid in an arc along the plants, the distance between the loops should be about 30 to 50 centimeters. 50 meters of hose are available from around 40 euros. This can also be combined with an irrigation computer.

“Ollas”: Clay water dispenser

Ollas are widely used for irrigation in Spain. Translated, the term means something like saucepan or saucepan.

There are other watering aids to ensure even moisture for a few days: Closed clay vessels, so-called ollas, gradually release the water. The clay pots are fired at low temperatures and therefore have large pores. They are dug into the ground with only the opening for water filling protruding from the ground. The pots slowly release water into the environment through the pores. However, they are not frost-proof and must be taken out of the ground in autumn.

Ollas can be placed directly in the bed, next to the plants to be watered. However, it is best to put such a clay pot in the ground before planting the plant to be watered. If you dig in the Olla afterwards, roots can be injured. It is important to pour the soil around the Olla vigorously when inserting. The mudding ensures that it can optimally release water.

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Inexpensive alternative to the Olla

A disadvantage of the Ollas is the price: they cost between 30 and 50 euros. As an alternative, you can also use a plastic bottle: poke holes in the lower part of the plastic, bury the bottle vertically and keep adding water through the upper opening. This also works well for potted plants.

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