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Is eating citrus fruits in the evening bad for you? What science says

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Is eating citrus fruits in the evening bad for you?  What science says

Popular wisdom advises against lemons, oranges and mandarins. But why?

Our grandmothers always told us: “Orange is gold in the morning, silver in the afternoon, lead in the evening”. According to this ancient belief, the consumption of citrus fruits, despite the load of vitamins and precious antioxidants, would be especially indicated in the morning on an empty stomach, while it would be inadvisable in the evening. But what does science have to say about it?

Eat citrus fruits in the evening

The idea behind the popular saying is that oranges, grapefruits, lemons and mandarins could hinder digestion and cause dyspepsia. Citrus fruits are fruits rich in vitamins, mineral salts, fibre, antioxidants but also flavonoids and polyphenols. Their regular consumption brings numerous benefits to the body, strengthens the immune system, protects against cardiovascular diseases and promotes healthy skin. However, many fear that the acidity of these fruits could interfere with digestion and disturb sleep. But in reality no scientific study has ever proven that consuming citrus fruits in the evening has negative effects on the body in healthy individuals. However, in the case of pre-existing pathologies and conditions, then the story changes.

Who should avoid citrus fruits in the evening

As mentioned, popular wisdom is not supported by scientific studies for most people. However, there are some exceptions. In particular, those suffering from gastroesophageal reflux could actually experience a worsening of symptoms after consuming citrus fruits in the evening. The acidity of these fruits can in fact further irritate the stomach mucosa and favor the ascent of gastric contents into the esophagus. But the same goes for other foods and drinks, such as mint, chocolate and carbonated drinks.

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Therefore, no citrus fruits in the evening, but only for those suffering from gastric sensitivity or conditions such as reflux; for everyone else, no contraindications or limitations to report.


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