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Is there a diet against depression? Science says yes

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Is there a diet against depression?  Science says yes

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Yes you can counteract depression also through the diet? Many people around the world suffer from this type of disorder, which in many cases has a very strong impact on the quality of life. Many patients find a solution in the therapy nor drugs, but they may not work for everyone. Let’s try to understand what the experts say about the role ofdiet and how it can help.

The role of diet in depression

As estimated by theWorld Health Organization, depression affects about 5% of adults worldwide. They exist different kindsof different duration. The causes are also different, with both genetic and situational risk factors. It may depend on specific stresses or conditions, which act from triggers.

An interesting article by Medical News Today underlines how therapy and drugs may not work the same for everyone and how researchers are also looking for new approaches. Recently, experts have focused on the topic of diet, with the discussion of the pros and cons of its use for the treatment or prevention of some medical conditions.

Many studies, in recent years, have shown that diets healthierrich in verdure, fruit e Whole grainscan help improve i symptoms of depression. A 2022 study byUniversity of Sydney showed that men aged 18 to 25 experienced relief in symptoms after embracing the Mediterranean diet. It is not yet clear, however, what can intervene in the link between food quality and mental health.

Two other studies, both published in Nature Communicationshave studied the link between the intestinal microbiota and the symptoms of depression. One of them found that 13 types of bacteria, in particular, are associated with symptoms of depression. Just the way these bacteria lead to the activation of signals in the braincould explain the link between the bacterial composition ofintestine and the symptoms.

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By making some dietary changes, therefore, we may be able to influence the abundance of certain bacteria in the gut and, by extension, the communication between the gut and the brain, thus leading to a improvement of depression.

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