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Italians under the sun with higher protections – Medicine

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Italians under the sun with higher protections – Medicine

The market for sunscreen products was close to 200 million euros from 1 July 2022 to 30 June 2023, an increase of 9% compared to the previous 12 months. In particular, there was a boom, with +13%, in the turnover of creams and sprays with a high sun protection index, i.e. with a Spf of 40 and above. This is indicated by the data of Iqvia, a provider of analysis and research in the healthcare and pharmaceutical fields, from which emerges a growing attention towards skin cancer.

The main purchase channels for sunscreen products are the pharmacy and online, but also large-scale retail trade which recorded a 12% increase in turnover. The sun stimulates the production of vitamin D, essential for bones, and favors the production and release of endorphins. However, to take full advantage of the sun’s rays, you need to expose yourself with caution and without getting burned. Sunburns, especially those that occurred at a young age, have been shown to increase the likelihood of developing skin cancers. In particular, the incidence of melanoma, which represents 1-2% of all malignant tumors, is growing, especially among young people, with about 12,000 new cases a year in Italy, and over 2,000 deaths.

Therefore, remember Iqvia, in addition to periodic checks by the dermatologist, it is essential to use high protection sunscreens, which to be effective must be applied several times a day, be resistant to water and perspiration and contain filters for UVA and UVB rays.

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