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It’s good for your health, let’s take it every day like this

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It’s good for your health, let’s take it every day like this

What is it that is good for your health and that both doctors and nutritional experts advise us to take in these quantities.

A female doctor holds a red wool heart in her hand (Freepik)


Good for the heart, what is it? There are many foods that have beneficial properties such as to bring great benefits to the cardiovascular system, and that our general practitioner as well as dieticians and nutritionists strongly recommend to take, always in the right doses.

What is it that is good for the heart, among other things also in an unexpected way, for some? There are several surprises in the food sector and it often happens that a healthy and natural food that they believed useful and precious turns out, in certain situations, to be unhealthy or even counterproductive in this sense.

But this is not the case with something that is really good for the heart, which we are used to taking every day, which is well rooted in eating habits in Italy and which millions of people indulge in with pleasure. Obviously, always and only if taken in the quantities due and indicated by the experts.

It’s good for the heart, it stands out among so many foods and drinks: it’s coffee

A cup of coffee on some beans
A cup of coffee on some beans (Photo Freepik)

It’s about coffee. The properties found within what is absolutely among the most consumed drinks in the world are well-known and well-known in the medical field. Drinking it every day helps the heart system, as researchers from the Baker Heart and Diabetes Research Institute in Melbourne claim.

The results of this study have been published in the “European Journal of Preventive Cardiology”. There is not only caffeine, which on the other hand can have harmful effects on health in case of excessive consumption.

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In fact, coffee also contains biologically active components, very useful for health. Experts have subjected to observation 449,563 people with a average age of 58 years and all of them free of heart health problems. And a significant fact emerged.

The results of the study: coffee protects the heart

Of these it was possible to make divisions into macro-groups between those who drank little or a lot of coffee a day. In addition, other groups have been formed according to the type of preparation (ground, filtered, instant, decaffeinated coffee, etc…). And then there were also individuals who drank no coffee at all.

It turned out that those who drink it on a daily basis, in the quantities of two or three cups a day, manage to have a reduced mortality risk associated with heart problems and various heart problems, in these percentages:

  • -14% decaffeinated;
  • -27% ground;
  • Instant -11%;

However, the advice is to drink coffee without sugar or sweeteners, to really have full protection.

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