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“Jelly Bean” Switch and Xbox versions postponed to 2022-Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

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Let us look back at 2020. At that time, “Jelly Bean: The Ultimate Knockout” was launched on PC and PlayStation 4, and it became a popular work in the blink of an eye. Earlier this year, it is rumored that the game will also be available on Switch and Xbox, but now people have begun to doubt the correctness of this news, because the launch date has not been disclosed so far.

As a result, it turns out that this game will not appear on the above two platforms this year. On the official homepage of the game, Mediatonic mentioned that these versions will be “top priority”, but will not share more details until 2022:

“We know that players have every reason to be excited about the launch of “Jelly Bean” on Nintendo Switch™ and Xbox platforms. On social networks, we have seen a lot of rumors linking these new platform versions to the launch of Season 6. Come up, here we want to clarify that this is not the case-you don’t need to wonder why you can’t find this game on these platforms. Thank you for your patience. Multi-platform is indeed one of our top priorities. With the intensive development, we can’t wait to share more details with you in 2022.”

Switch or Xbox players, are you looking forward to this game? PlayStation users, are you still playing “Jelly Bean”?

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