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Let’s meet Morena Teti: a nursing student at Miss World

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Morena Teti: Not just a mask and a uniform. In this short interview Morena tells us her passions, fears and hopes, showing us the true face of a girl who is not only beautiful outside but with a big heart.

Hello everyone! My name is Morena, I am 23 years old, and I have many dreams in the drawer. I am Abruzzese and to be exact I come from Lanciano, a city in the province of Chieti.

I am a nursing student at the Gabriele D’Annunzio University of Chieti and if God wills I will soon become a nurse.

Yes, nurse, a category that has been much discussed in recent years. They have described us in every way: nurses as Angelo, nurses as hero, nurses as a great reference figure and as a backbone in every healthcare sector. Being and becoming a nurse has always been my big dream, since I was little.

I still remember the many moments when I wanted to go to the hospital to my mother (nurse and head nurse of the nursery / pediatrics ward of the Renzetti hospital in Lanciano) during her working days.

In life I have tried to throw myself into new things and always try them by making myself courageous between the fear of falling and the desire to live new experiences.

In fact it is right here, in the hospital, in my “home” where it all started.

During my internship I took care of a patient who was hospitalized and during his hospitalization behind a huge uniform and a mask, knowing me only from his voice and eyes he told me “I am a photographer” I congratulate you for everything the passion you put into doing your job and learning to make your future come true. And between health care therapy I got the phrase “why don’t you try beauty contests? with your height and beauty you could try “I laughed and replied mockingly” maybe, yes of course a nurse at Miss world

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I went home, I talked about it in the family and between a laugh and another my brother-in-law without my knowledge sent my application. When I was contacted by Miss World I thought it was a joke, and I was incredulous. And after thinking and thinking about it I said “okay, I accept” and from there I started my selection tour. Between internships in hospitals, between mornings and afternoons, study and university lectures, I tried this wonderful experience with the support and encouragement of everyone. And between selections, votes from the jury and votes from the public, my greatest dream came true. To be elected Miss Abruzzo Web for Miss World and thus represent Abruzzo together with three other very sweet girls at the Nationals.

For me it was really the best dream. Especially since I never thought it could happen to me.

I had an unhappy childhood, bullied by everyone because they were considered “fat, ugly, obese”.

I went through everything, small but painful episodes that come back to me in these moments. I remember when my peers burned cigarettes on my hands because I had extra weight; when they attached chewing gum to my hair and forced me to cut it because I was considered the ugly duckling.

I was the girl everyone made fun of and who to feel beautiful first went into anorexia and then went into bulimia in no time at all.

See your parents who have always gotten along arguing about why “Morena does not eat and fast for days, because Morena is afraid of food and because Morena is sick” it wasn’t the best for me.

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Except that I broke the famous rope of the side of anorexia, thus entering the opposite direction of the coin or in bulimia: eating to hide myself behind food and to console myself.

Only later, starting this degree course, did I understand that what mattered was something else.

To see people who would pay gold to have one more day of my life, people who die, children who are sick and who suffer, who cry; men and women left on their own, on a hospital bed, alone with no one is what really matters.

And then you understand what really matters in life, you understand that what is worth is something else, you understand and you begin to appreciate life, and to live it in color; you start loving yourself and doing things right.

So slowly between running on the treadmill, running on the street in the rain at night or during the day healthy eating and bags of pellets and water bottles used as weights during these last two years of COVID and various quarantines I have lost 35 kg discovering a new Morena.

This is why I decided to participate in Miss world, for me, to get courage, to tell my story, to have my personal revenge.

I think I have made one of the most beautiful choices that life has given me: the chance to make my dream come true! Bringing Morena, the future nurse and her story to the Miss World national teams.

All this I owe to mine familiarsa without which I would not have been able to do anything, myself and all the will employed; but above all to mine Manager Camillo fellow citizen and organizer of fashion shows and artistic events. He helped me, supported, advised, encouraged me between smiles and jokes and jokes, accompanied in every choice with determination and motivation.

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He has always believed in me and if I have come this far I owe it above all to him and to the esteem he has for me and the trust he places in me.

He introduced me to wonderful people including his collaborator and former model Laika to whom I grew very fond of and whom I thank for always advising me. Thank you for giving me so many beautiful values ​​and love for fashion and taught me that you don’t need to have a size 38 to be a Miss but that, after all, Misses can be normal, simple and genuine girls with a head on their shoulders and dreams in the drawer. .

I really thank them for everything, I hope to never disappoint them and I hope to continue to grow professionally with them in every respect.

And now yes, I can say it loud: the nurse goes to Miss world!

Nurse Times editorial staff

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