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Liebscher & Bracht: New therapy center in Berlin-Mitte

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Liebscher & Bracht: New therapy center in Berlin-Mitte

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Widespread disease back pain: Hardly anyone who hasn’t had their mobility restricted at some point due to this well-known condition. But the pain doesn’t always go away as quickly as it came. Many patients turn to tablets or undergo surgery to alleviate the ongoing suffering. However, they often do not solve the problem because they rarely address the cause, only the symptom. The Liebscher and Bracht Berlin therapy center, founded in 2019, takes a completely different approach. The experienced specialists rely on the healing power of your own body. The great success of their measures speaks for itself – patients, for example, are full of praise on the Google review portal.

Pain due to lack of exercise and incorrect strain

Almost every step puts strain on your knees, hips and back. In conjunction with a general lack of exercise, incorrect sitting positions or jerky body movements, pain can quickly arise. And in the worst case, this can last long term. This is exactly where the promising exercises from Liebscher and Bracht come into play. Over many years of practice, the eponymous pain specialists, together with a team of doctors and physiotherapists, have developed explicit treatment processes for chronic pain patients. Their therapy is based on the assumption that disproportionate tension in muscles and fascia alerts the brain and causes the pain reaction. In this complementary medical procedure, the feeling of pain in the brain is addressed by pressing the finger on the painful receptors. And deleted for the affected areas.

Helping people is the primary goal

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Enabling sick people to help themselves as quickly as possible may not sound economical. But that’s not what the three therapists in Berlin-Mitte are concerned with. They want to free their patients from their suffering – because at least Rocco Zühlke experienced firsthand what permanent pain means. He was only released from them through pain therapy according to Liebscher and Bracht. The qualified health and nursing nurse and state-certified alternative practitioner has now specialized in promising treatment methods. And offers this together with alternative practitioner Peter and Shiatsu expert Gustav in his new therapy center in the capital.

A detailed initial anamnesis is followed by manual addressing of the individual pressure points using osteopressure, bottleneck stretches or fascia roller massages. Muscles are stretched, stimuli are provided and the brain is stimulated. Thanks to the qualified work of the certified Liebscher-und-Bracht therapists, pain can often be reduced by two thirds within a week. Over 90 percent of all patients report an immediate reduction in pain. At the same time, patients learn how to help themselves efficiently over the long term with relevant movement sequences. Without medication and without surgery. Free short treatment is even possible upon request in order to check your response to the therapy in advance.

Health therapy and nutritional therapy complement the 43-year-old’s offerings. They are suitable for people of all ages, including for effective prevention.

Image source: @Liebscher & Bracht

We treat orthopedic pain and arthritic diseases holistically – without medication or surgery.

Liebscher & Bracht Therapy Center Berlin-Mitte
Karsten Sedler
Christinenstr. 5
10119 Berlin
+49 30 2084 7547

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