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LIVE Italy-Cuba 3-1, Nations League volleyball 2023 LIVE: the first success for the Azzurri arrives!

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LIVE Italy-Cuba 3-1, Nations League volleyball 2023 LIVE: the first success for the Azzurri arrives!


00:21 Appointment tomorrow with the match against Germany. OA Sport thanks you for following the emotions of this match with us and wish you a good continuation of the evening.

00:19 52 winning attacks, 8 blocks, 5 aces and 29 errors for Italy, against 41 attacks, 9 blocks, 3 aces and 29 errors for Cuba.

00:17 Romanò and Bottolo are the best in the field with 17 points and respectively 20% and 14% efficiency in attack, good performance also for Rinaldi (12) and Sanguinetti (10).

00:15 First success in this Nations League for the Azzurri, capable of beating Cupa 3-1. With this victory, Italy climbs back to eleventh position in the standings.

25-18 The first victory for Italy arrives!

24-18 Lob pushed with two hands by Rinaldi, there are six match points for Italy!

23-18 Gutierrez deep diagonal.

23-17 Sanguinetti returns to score points.

22-17 Along the Moscow service.

22-16 Rinaldi finds the hands of the block on a complex ball.

21-16 Deep blow from Romanò, we keep the advantage.

20-16 Lopez continues to score points.

20-15 Impregnable parallel of Romanò.

19-15 Masso’s first time pushed.

19-14 Concepcion’s joke is long.

18-14 Lopez wall on Bottolo.

18-13 Narrow diagonal placed by Bottolo.

17-13 Another great pipe from Lopez.

17-12 Thondike’s serve is out.

16-12 Lopez’s winning pipe.

16-11 Romanò takes advantage of a ball close to the net!

15-11 Romanò finds the hands of the Concepcion wall.

14-11 Thondike’s second intention lob.

14-10 Rinaldi’s pushed lob.

13-10 Bottolo’s joke is long.

13-9 Gutierrez’s service does not pass.

12-9 Yant scored from the second line.

12-8 Muroneeee from Moscow on Lopez!

11-8 Bottolo finds the hands of the wall.

10-8 First half of Concepcion.

10-7 Bottolo’s pushed lob.

9-7 Gutierrez’s attack is sealed.

9-6 Thondike’s joke is also out.

8-6 The series ends in Porro’s service.

8-5 Herrera’s shot also escapes.

7-5 Error in attack by Yant.

6-5 Yant’s attack on the net at the end of a great exchange!

5-5 Masso’s joke is long.

4-5 Hands-out of Herrera from the second line.

4-4 Masso net invasion.

3-4 Along Bottolo’s serve.

3-3 Porro wins a goal contrast with Masso.

2-3 Mani-out by Lopez, it is dangerous to let a team like Cuba pick up the pace.

2-2 Lopez plants a nail diagonally.

2-1 First half in Moscow.

1-1 Sixth error in the service of Sanguinetti.

1-0 It starts again with a pushed lob from Bottolo.

23:50 Not very cynical Azzurri in the third set, Cuba left space but Romanò and his companions were unable to exploit it. Bottolo remains the best together with Romanò with 13 points, but the percentages have dropped to 18% and 16% efficiency respectively. Yant did well for Cuba with 7 points in the partial.

20-25 Error in the service of Gardini.

20-24 In the Gardini field for the joke.

20-24 Bottolo finds the hands of the wall.

19-24 Recine is wrong this time from nine meters.

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19-23 Recine enters and finds an ace!

18-23 First half of Sanguinetti.

17-23 Wall of Concepcion on Bottolo.

17-22 Yant sends Cuba to +5.

17-21 Romanò spoils an important counterattack.

17-20 Suarez enters and misses the serve.

16-20 Wall of Concepcion on Rinaldi.

16-19 Yant deep diagonal.

16-18 Error in the service of Lopez.

15-18 The Bottolo pipe does not pass, it is crucial not to give away at this moment.

15-17 Yant Pipe.

15-16 Return the favor Herrera.

14-16 The Romanò service does not pass this time.

14-15 Aceeeeeee of Romanò!

13-15 Romanò scored from the second line.

12-15 Concepcion’s joke does not pass.

11-15 Pallonettto of Lopez, we are wasting a lot of opportunities in this phase.

11-14 Sanguinetti’s joke is long.

11-13 Scary wall of Sanguinetti on Herrera!

10-13 Wall of Concepcion on Bottolo, attention.

10-12 Rinaldi’s pipe escapes.

10-11 Yant’s deep diagonal from place four.

10-10 Broadside in the three meters of Bottolo, parity!

9-10 Bottolo’s left lob, Italy returns to -1.

8-10 Hands-out by Rinaldi from place two.

7-10 Porro’s joke is long.

7-9 Masso’s service does not pass.

6-9 Yant puts down a detached ball.

6-8 Masso’s first half escapes.

5-8 Rinaldi unlocks the situation for Italy.

4-8 Yant sends Cuba to +4.

4-7 Lopez’s ace again, De Giorgi calls time-out.

4-6 Ace di Lopez.

4-5 Shoulder of Herrera from the second line.

4-4 Romanò closes the longest exchange of the match.

3-4 Along the Romanò service.

3-3 Mani-out of Romanò from the second line.

2-3 Concepcion misses from nine meters.

1-3 Lopez takes advantage of a slash.

1-2 Yant’s winning pipe.

1-1 Yant is also wrong.

0-1 It starts again with an error by Rinaldi in the service.

23:20 Second partial not exciting from the point of view of the game, but the Azzurri were good at not overdoing it: a block, an ace and 6 direct errors. Bottolo is still the best with 10 points and 28% efficiency in attack, followed by Romanò at 9 with 21% efficiency.

25-19 Error in Herrera’s service, the Azzurri win the first point of the VNL!

24-19 Lopez cancels the first.

24-18 Concepcion’s batting error, there are six set points for Italy.

23-18 Choked first half of Concepcion.

23-17 Great parallel of Romanò.

22-17 Yant passes in the middle of the wall from place four.

22-16 Bottolo closes the shot in a narrow diagonal.

21-16 Disaster in reconstruction of Lopez.

20-16 Rinaldi unlocks the situation, Falaschi inside for Porro.

19-16 Herrera brings his team back to -3.

19-15 Wall of Concepcion on Sanguinetti, attention.

19-14 Wall of Yant on Romanò.

19-13 Herrera’s deep diagonal.

19-12 Muroneeeee at Rinaldi su Lopez!

18-12 Romanò still winning from the second line.

17-12 Taboada’s second lob.

17-11 Lopez’s batting error.

16-11 Broadside from place four by Lopez.

16-10 Ace with the help of the tape for Bottolo.

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15-10 Romanò deep diagonal from the second line.

14-10 First time by Masso.

14-9 Pipes at Rinaldi.

13-9 Ace of Concepcion.

13-8 Sanguinetti’s hit error.

13-7 Sanguinetti continues to do well from the center.

12-7 Rinaldi’s joke does not pass.

12-6 Another great first half by Sanguinetti, already seven points for the central blue.

11-6 Romanò’s attack is sealed, Italy flies to +5!

10-6 Excellent first half of Sanguinetti.

9-6 Along Porro’s service.

9-5 Porro’s second intention lob, already the third point for Paolo.

8-5 Lopez’s winning pipe.

8-4 Lopez’s joke does not pass.

7-4 First time by Masso.

7-3 Tamoada’s lob escapes.

6-3 Gran pipe di Bottolo, the blue takes Herrera in full face.

5-3 Romanò’s attack is sealed.

4-3 Bosca’s joke does not pass.

4-2 Romanò’s joke on the net.

4-1 Second intention attack by Porro!

3-1 Millimeter parallel from Romanò, immediately a break for Italy.

2-1 Herrera’s goal invasion.

1-1 Herrera hands-out.

1-0 Raise with one hand by Porro and first you Sanguinetti!

22:55 First convincing set for Italy, thanks to a very foul and not very cynical Cuba. Convincing Azzurri in the break phase with 5 blocks and 2 aces, Caribbean with 10 errors on the scoresheet. Bottolo man of the match with 6 points.

25-20 Hands-out by Romanò, Italy wins the first set of this VNL!

24-20 Lopez’s hands-out from place four.

24-19 Aceeeee with the help of the ribbon for Romanò!

23-19 Herrera’s attack error.

22-19 First half in Moscow.

21-19 Along the service of Sanguinetti.

21-18 Yant lends the nine-meter line.

20-18 Wall of Herrera on Bottolo.

20-17 Seven deep of Concepcion.

20-16 Bottolo’s winning pipe.

19-16 Wall of Concepcion on Rinaldi, imprecise blues in the lift.

19-15 Error in the service of Porro.

19-14 MAMMA MIA! Wall with one of Sanguinetti on Concepcion.

18-14 Counterattack by Romanò, we fly to +4!

17-14 HERRERA IN CRISIS! Wall of Rinalsi on the Cuban opposite!

16-14 Mossa is also wrong from nine meters.

15-14 Error in the service of Moscow.

15-13 NO PASS! Murone of Moscow on Herrera.

14-13 Rebound in defense lucky for Lopez Castro.

14-12 Rinaldi answers on the pipe.

13-12 Yant’s pipe trip.

13-11 Lopez Castro’s net invasion.

12-11 Hit the Sanguinetti nine-meter line.


11-10 Bottolo from seat four is immediately forgiven.

10-10 Bottolo tries to place, but the ball comes out.

10-9 Pipe of second intention by Rinaldi, great blow!

9-9 Hands-out from the center of Sanguinetti.

8-9 Rinaldi’s attack out, partial 3-0 for Cuba.

8-8 First half of Concepcion.

8-7 First point of the match for Yant.

8-6 Error from nine meters by Masso.

7-6 First time by Masso.

7-5 PRINT BIG! Wall of Sanguinetti on Herrera!

6-5 Deep attack by Porro!

5-5 Along the service of Lopez Castro.

4-5 Romanò’s counterattack escapes.

4-4 Muroneeeee at Bottolo su Herrera!

3-4 Hands-out also by Herrera from place two.

3-3 Another hands-out from Bottolo, already the third point for Mattia.

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2-3 Alvarez takes advantage of a slash.

2-2 Sanguinetti’s joke is long.

2-1 Bottolo’s attack is sealed.

1-1 Error in Rinaldi’s service.

1-0 It starts with a hands-out from Bottolo.

22:30 Italy respond with: Porro, Romano, Bottolo, Rinaldi, Sanguinetti, Mosca and Bullet.

22:29 This is the sextet from Cuba: Herrera, Rojas, Yant, Lopez Castro, Alvarez, Diaz.

22:27 It’s time for the national anthems.

22:25 The warm-up phase has ended, everything is ready!

22:22 Italy currently occupies the sixteenth and last position in the standings, the goal will obviously be to try to get back on top, tonight with Cuba could be a good opportunity. The Caribbeans, in turn, started with difficulty losing against the Netherlands (3-0) and against Canada (3-2).

22:19 In addition to qualifying for the VNL quarter-finals, reserved for the best 8 teams, these matches also affect the ranking (essential for Olympic qualification) and after the first two matches, Italy slipped from second to fourth position.

22:16 Obviously the DT is taking advantage of this phase to give young athletes experience, however we must be careful not to underestimate the situation too much.

22:13 Extremely complex start of VNL for De Giorgi’s boys, still in the bucket of wins and sets after the defeats against Argentina (3-0) and the United States (3-0).

22:10 Good evening and welcome to the LIVE LIVE of Italy-Cuba, a match valid for the fourth day of the 2023 men’s volleyball Nations League.

Friends of OA Sport, good evening and welcome to LIVE LIVE from Italy-Cubamatch valid for the fourth day of the men’s volleyball Nations League 2023. After the women’s tournament, the men’s tournament is also coming to life, the national team of Fefè De Giorgi, in Ottawa (Canada) is still hunting for the first success.

The journey for Romanò and his companions did not start in the best way with two clear defeats against Argentina (3-0) and the United States (3-0), results that made Italy slip from second to fourth place in the world rankings. Tonight against Cuba, a young and exuberant formation, it will be important to move the rankings in view of the quarterfinals. In fact, we remind you that the formula of the tournament provides for a single group of 16 teams, at the end of which the best eight will face off in direct matches starting from the quarter-finals, Italy currently occupies the last position in the standings. Not an easy start also for Cuba which, after losing against Canada (3-2), yesterday lost 3-0 against the Netherlands.

OA Sport offers you the LIVE LIVE of Italy-Cuba, a match valid for the fourth day of the men’s volleyball Nations League 2023, news in real time, minute after minute, action after action, emotion after emotion, so as not to really miss anything, the match will start at ore 22:30!

Photo: FIVB

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