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LIVE Olimpia Milano-Virtus Bologna 92-82, Serie A basketball Final 2023 LIVE: the Red Shoes respect the home court and go 1-0! Napier and Hall decisive

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LIVE Olimpia Milano-Virtus Bologna 92-82, Serie A basketball Final 2023 LIVE: the Red Shoes respect the home court and go 1-0!  Napier and Hall decisive


22:45 Our live LIVE ends here for tonight. Thanks to all of you, friends of OA Sport, for following us. Good continuation and a sporting greeting!

22:40 After a first half in favor of the black and whites, the Italian champions got up promptly in the second half, putting the arrow in the final partial, also touching +12 as the maximum advantage. The V-blacks tried to stay in the race until the end, but in the final minutes Ettore Messina’s men placed the decisive draw to hit race-1. 22 points by Shabazz Napier and 15 by Devon Hall, with 13 points by Shavon Shields. For the bianconeri, however, 19 points from Marco Belinelli and 16 from Tornike Shengelia. We will return to the field at the Forum on Sunday 11 June at 18:00 for match-2.

It ends here: at the Forum, Olimpia Milano respects the home factor, wins game-1 92-82 over Virtus Bologna and goes 1-0 in the Scudetto Final series!

92-82 Same result also for Shabazz Napier: 2/2 and +10 Milan!

90-82 Johannes Voigtmann scores both free throws available: Olimpia secures the victory!

88-82 2/2 also for Tornike Shengelia: two possessions full of disadvantage for the Bolognese!

88-80 2/2 for Semi Ojeleye: still -8 for the bianconeri!

Expulsion for Paul Biligha for having entered the field from the bench after the clash between Teodosic and Melli which unleashed a small tumult among the players.

88-78 Tap-in by Belinelli on Teodosic’s perfect assist: -10 Virtus!

88-76 2/2 for Shavon Shields from the free: maximum advantage updated to +12 for the Milanese, when there are less than two minutes left in the match!

86-76 Two-handed dunk by Nicolò Melli: new +10 from Olimpia!

84-76 Semi Ojeleye’s hand does not shake from the line: 2/2 and -8 Virtus Bologna!

84-74 Deadly triple by Devon Hall: double-digit advantage for the hosts, immediate time-out by Sergio Scariolo at -3’03” from the final siren!

81-74 2/2 for Shengelia from the free: the black Vs try to stay in contact!

81-72 Shabazz Napier extinguishes Juventus enthusiasm: triple and new +9, the Assago crowd is still on fire!

78-72 The additional free on target: -6 Virtus!

78-71 Shengelia flies to the basket and scores with a foul: the Georgian tries to shake his teammates!

78-69 Shavon Shields bomb: +9 for the Italian champions, with Virtus Bologna which seems to be struggling to stay in the wake of the Milanese!

75-69 Rebound and support from Captain Melli: the hosts try to give the decisive break, Scariolo time-out!

73-69 2/2 for Shavon Shields in the line, which are worth +4 Milan!

71-69 Penetration of Devon Hall, which brings the EA7 Emporio Armani back to the front!

69-69 Marco Belinelli’s perfect cut: match still tied!

69-67 1/2 for Shabazz Napier from the line: +2 Olimpia!

68-67 Semi Ojeleye from three keeps Virtus Bologna in contact!

68-64 Penetration of Hall: open partial of 5-0 in favor of Red Shoes!

66-64 2/2 for Devon Hall with the clock stopped: Milanese overtaking!

64-64 Inside Gigi Datome’s free: draw!

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Technical foul against Sergio Scariolo for protests!

The last leg begins at the Assago Forum!

The third quarter is also on file: in the last short break, Virtus Bologna leads 63-64 over Olimpia Milano!

63-64 3/3 for Marco Belinelli: 15 points for the guard of San Giovanni in Persiceto (Bologna), for the +1 of the black Vs!

63-61 Hall immediately responds with the same coin: new Milanese advantage!

60-61 Perfect triple by Isaiah Cordinier: Virtus Bologna puts its nose back in front!

60-58 Also inside the free: 10 points for the former Zenit St. Petersburg, with the Italian champions putting a two-point margin on their opponents!

59-58 Billy Baron with Jaiteh’s foul: basket and potential three-point game! Fourth foul for the French center.

57-58 Jaiteh’s winning semi-hook: Virtus counter-overtaking!

57-56 1/2 for Kyle Hines with the clock stopped: Milan goes ahead but by only one length!

56-56 Assist by Teodosic for Ojeleye: triple and draw, the intensity of the match rises!

56-53 Captain Melli sends the average shot to the bottom of the retina!

54-53 Triple with a foul by Billy Baron: perfect exit from the blocks of the Canadian point guard, overtaking Olimpia!

Time-out by Sergio Scariolo at -4’31” from the third siren.

51-53 Voigtmann is not there, puts his feet in place from the bow and shoots: triple!

48-53 Tornike Shengelia is not asked twice: +5 Virtus!

48-51 Inside also the libero: the Milanese bite the ankles of the Emilians!

47-51 Shabazz Napier seeks contact and scores: the Forum explodes again! Possibility of 2+1 for the American ‘leprechaun’.

45-51 Very difficult basket for Daniel Hackett: the former Olympiacos playmaker brings the black Vs back to two possessions full of advantage!

45-49 Billy Baron from the painting keeps the EA7 Emporio Armani at -4!

43-49 Penetration of Jordan Mickey: another +6 for Virtus!

43-47 Voigtmann with the foul! The German center misses the additional free throw.

41-47 Jumper by Nicolò Melli: Olimpia Milano tries to come back and goes back to -6!

39-47 Milos Teodosic responds immediately with the same coin: bomb and 15 points for the former CSKA Moscow!

39-44 Triple by Johannes Voigtmann: the Forum is on fire again!

The third quarter begins!

21:35 Olimpia Milano and Virtus Bologna have already returned to the parquet for the warm-up that precedes the start of the second half: we will soon start again with the score of 36-44 in favor of the Bolognese with which the first 20 minutes of the game ended!

21:30 12 points for Marco Belinelli and for Milos Teodosic among the ranks of the black and whites, while for the Milanese the top scorer is Shabazz Napier with 13 points. Bolognesi more precise than the Italian champions in every statistic: from two (62%), from three (44%) and also to free throws (73%). The Milanese team struggled to stay in the wake of the challengers in the first quarters: they need to change gears in the second half to try to respect the home advantage.

The second quarter ends here: at halftime along Virtus Bologna leads 36-44!

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36-44 Perfect exit from Marco Belinelli’s blocks: bomb and +8 for the bianconeri!

36-41 Kyle Hines takes advantage of the scoreboard and supports: mini-partial of 5-0 by the Milanese, time-out Virtus Bologna!

34-41 Devon Hall arms his arm from the bow: triple and -7 Olimpia!

31-41 Penetration of Tornike Shengelia: the black Vs return to +10!

31-39 Marco Belinelli’s hand does not shake from the line: 3/3 which is worth the new +8 for Sergio Scariolo’s team!

31-36 2/2 also for Tornike Shengelia: the bianconeri put back a five-point lead!

31-34 Basket of high difficulty for Shavon Shields: -3 Milan!

29-34 2/2 for Isaiah Cordinier in the line: new +5 for Virtus Bologna less than four minutes from the second siren!

29-32 Shabazz Napier bomb: Olimpia returns to -3 and does not give up!

Marco Belinelli misses the free throw.

Technical foul against Ettore Messina for excessive protests!

26-32 Teodosic again from the arc: 12 points for the Serbian champion, +6 Virtus in the middle of the second quarter!

26-29 Immediate reaction of the Italian Champions with Shavon Shields: a possession full of disadvantage for the Milanese!

24-29 Teodosic responds to Napier with the same coin: 5-0 break from the guests, who return to +5 and force Ettore Messina to stop the game for a one-minute suspension!

24-26 Support from Daniel Hackett: Virtus counter-overtaking!

24-24 Shabazz Napier’s deadly bomb: 10 points for the American point guard, with Olimpia finding the first basket of the second quarter and impacting the score!

21-24 3/3 for Milos Teodosic from the free: overtaking the black Vs!

21-21 Perfect assist from Teodosic for Mickey: Virtus Bologna is unlocked, which promptly equalizes the score!

The second half begins!

The first quarter ends: after 10′ EA7 Emporio Armani leads 21-19 thanks to a deadly 12-0 run!

21-19 Triple by Shabazz Napier: Olimpia counter-overtaking!

18-19 Bomb of the Captain of the National team from the arch: -1 Milan, the Forum explodes!

15-19 Suspension shot by Datome: open partial of 6-0 for the Milanese, who mend up to -4!

13-19 Shavon Shields penetration: Olimpia returns to -6!

11-19 Placement by Gigi Datome: the match rises in tone!

9-19 Bomba di Milos Teodosic: +10 Virtus Bologna!

9-16 Turn of the US center which is worth -7!

7-16 Kyle Hines from the ‘line of charity’ makes 1/2: EA7 Emporio Armani returns to -9!

6-16 Only one shot scored by Shengelia with the clock stopped: the black Vs return to a double-digit lead!

6-15 1/2 for Daniel Hackett on free throws: the Bolognese go +9 less than five minutes from the first siren!

6-14 2/2 for Cordinier from the line: again +8 for Virtus Bologna!

6-12 Billy Baron beats the arc line: two points gnawed by the Milanese, who return to -6!

4-12 2/3 for Belinelli with the clock stopped: +8 Segafredo!

4-10 Also inside the free additional: reaction of the Italian champions, the audience of the Forum rejoices!

3-10 Olimpia Milano is unlocked: Shabazz Napier from the arc with a foul!

0-10 The former San Antonio Spurs from the paint again: the Emilians do not lift their foot from the accelerator!

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0-8 Belinelli from two: deadly partial from Bologna, immediate time-out from Messina!

0-6 Cordinier’s blaze on the counterattack: perfect bianconeri so far!

0-4 Shengelia placement: what a start for the black Vs!

0-2 First advantage for Virtus Bologna: support from Jordan Mickey!

Everything is ready for the start of this great challenge. Have a good game everyone!

20:20 Teams already on the parquet for warm-up, with the duo that will be lifted in about ten minutes. Forum sold out in every order of post!

20:10 The series that puts the title of Champion of Italy up for grabs begins! The two battleships of the Belpaese will compete for it for the third consecutive year.

20:00 Good evening to all, friends of OA Sport! Welcome to the LIVE broadcast of Olimpia Milano-Virtus Bologna, game-1 of the 2023 Serie A basketball Scudetto Final!

Final scheduleThe presentation of the series

Good morning to all OA Sport readers! We welcome you to live broadcast of Olimpia Milano-Virtus Bolognamatch-1 of the 2023 Serie A basketball Scudetto Final.

Thus begins the long final series that will decide the winner of the Tricolor. In just over 48 hours we will return to the field again at the Forum for game-2 (Sunday 11 June at 18:00), before moving to Bologna for game-3 (Wednesday 14 June at 20:30) and game-4 ( Friday 16 June always at 20:30). In the event of race-5, the race will return to Lombardy (Monday 19 June), with race-6 scheduled for Wednesday 21 June at the Segafredo Arena. If the result is still tied, the venue on the outskirts of Milan will be the stage for the decisive match-7 on Friday 23 June.

The EA7 Emporio Armani presents itself as holder of the Title, won last year against their bitter rivals from Bologna. Ettore Messina’s men thus aim at back-to-backwhich would mean the thirtieth Scudetto and therefore the third star sewn on the chest. The Sicilian coach will focus on the inspiration of Shabazz Napier in the control room and on the physicality of Capitan Melli, with Shavon Shields and Gigi Datome ready to strike from the paint and beyond. The The power of Bologna, on the other hand, certainly aims to bring the title back to Emilia, after losing the 2022-2023 final. Sergio Scariolo relies on the experience of Marco Belinelli, well assisted by Milos Teodosic and Daniel Hackett. Tornike Shengelia and ‘Mam’ Jaiteh will fight under the knife against Kyle Hines and Nicolò Melliin a challenge where no ball will be spared.

The two teams have met five times this season between the Italian Super Cup, the Championship and the Euroleague: a favorable balance for the V-blacks, who have won on four occasions (Italian Super Cup semi-final, second leg in Serie A and both in Europe).

Tap-off to be lifted to Forum of Assago this evening at ore 20:30, for the first game of a long best-of-seven series. Have fun, everyone, with the LIVE broadcast of OA Sport!

Credit: Ciamillo

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