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It’s not just spinach that gives us strength, because there is also the life-affirming, creative and healing power that is in… Fairy tale why children and adults get old Fairy tale and younger children love books that tell of courage and willingness to help, sometimes of wisdom and love of truth – of what is really happening in life countsfrom “the values”.

A hecount is about the “Hörbe bread”. The recipe comes from the story “Listen with the Big Hat”, which you can have read to you: Especially in times when disaster reports are the norm, it is “psychohygienically” important to imagine yourself in an ideal world.

Visiting “natural spaces” can be just as important. Taking the perfect nature photo is secondary. There are enough experts for this.

If there are flowers on the balcony in November, it might be worth noticing.

Come to eat!

This is a call that I have long since stopped following; Social isolation is increasing, and from a social perspective, everyone wants to sit at an imaginary round table and get their fill and, if possible, enjoy it.

Question to a sociologist:

You use… the image of the table where not everyone is allowed to sit at first. And at some point, the new arrivals not only want to eat with us, but also have a say in which recipes are cooked.


Exactly, that’s why conflicts are increasing.

If you want, you can now take a minute’s silence on “integration” or think about solutions that, if possible, address the unimagined, repressed problems of the “long-established” population, which simply doesn’t exist at all considered or observed feels, include.

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The bicycle parking spaces in front of the supermarkets are also careless, showing how little shoppers behave in an eco-correct way, since the car is the preferred vehicle when shopping and not the bicycle. A protest movement “for covered bicycle parking” is not to be expected given the lethargy of our potentially progressive groups and individuals.

Household energy consumption is anything but low and at the same time it is becoming more and more expensive – this does not affect the elites who have more money than they can spend, and because the decision-makers view their wealth as a birthright, a “fair redistribution” occurs. until further notice. Matching this: the old-fashioned attitude of nutrition experts who actually know what an energy-saving multicooker can achieve, but who don’t even convey that money can be saved here and that positive environmental impacts are “wasted”. In any case, the rolled turkey with sweet potatoes and organic princess beans did not use unnecessary electricity when it was completed.

According to a study, the costs of our excessive food consumption are astronomical sums, and the WWF is calling for the VAT on vegetables to be zeroed out “as a first step”. The promotion of healthy eating works better with basic organic food supplies, but we don’t know what prevents the association from demanding this.

Looking at the sky doesn’t provide an answer here, but there is room for your own thoughts:

Change requires patience, structure, concept and plan. The fact that the soft water overcomes the hard stone over time can also be put differently, which is precisely why it belongs here.

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If the “hidden costs of nutrition” can be quantified in “marks and pfennigs”, this also applies to “quality of life”, which is rarely available for free – every game requires an investment, not only of a monetary nature, but also of commitment.

Changes, both social and individual, are often intertwined, and there is no reason to keep everything separate. The obesity dilemma is primarily felt by the individual, although careful, understanding and supportive (political) interventions cannot be ruled out.

Changes “on our own” are only possible to a limited extent because we, as social beings, live in a social context. The development of personality is linked to diverse learning. Obesity coaching could therefore also be designed as a course of study, with seminars, internships and “admixtures” of therapeutic elements and include one or two digressions about narcissism.

In problem-solving and goal-oriented obesity coaching, to use Hörbe’s words, agreement, commitment/commitment, learning units, practice, progress, performance and control should fit under one big magic hat. It must be clear from the start that it is not a matter of repeating dusty “diet guidelines” or cotton-soft positive affirmations, but that disapproval and correction may also occur.

The Konstanz Institute for Continuity has stated in a study that as prepared food components are increasingly prepared, putting together traditional meals from scratch is perceived as predominantly annoying and has therefore become unpopular. 😉
This cannot be changed, at best we could basically switch to non-traditional nutrition. Example?

The homemade fitness drink with caffeine: 2-3 tablespoons of pudding-like, swollen oats, pureed walnuts (also from the day before, soaked and steamed to make it easier to chop), chopped banana (which was already in the drink at the time of recording, therefore symbolic and substitute). an apple) and coffee as desired.

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