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Losing weight, diet and health » Lentil hummus, GDR photo history, image cultivation

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Hummus always works, works as comfort food, as soul food, as a comfort food, as a stomach filler and as a spread. All of this is written on the Internet, can be found as filmed and printed instructions and praise on the Internet or on bookshelves. After a few test versions, any instructions are actually unnecessary, and sometimes the improvisation phase begins here, or a certain brand loyalty develops to industrial goods.

As is well known, there is a lentil dish in the Bible, but not lentil hummus, and so the hummus is hidden here under cucumbers, grapes, spring onions, peppers, radishes, diminutive mayonaise and dwarf basil.

Bread with hummus, vegetables and mayonaise

Note: It’s completely normal that hummus changes, but it’s also human that some people always want the same hummus.

In English there is the term “comfort food”. With the best will in the world, I can’t think of an adequate translation into German for it. In terms of content
is about food that provides a feeling of comfort and well-being.

These lines come from an article whose headline is an invitation: “Eat more hummus!”
An explanatory photo follows the question of where the hummus can be seen:

“On the slice of bread, between peppers and pickles: lentil hummus!”

There are also many other articles on this subject here, even encouraging people to eat local hummus.

If we can now spread such “messages” via multimedia, we owe it to technology that has been constantly improving “for ages” – we are hardly aware of the forgotten milestones of the past:

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The statement of this advertising “no one needs it anymore”, everyone always has their “film and photo studio” with them in the form of their smartphone and uses it, or not, without thinking about it, and in large numbers.

The photo tells us that the “balcony garden” is now completely harvested…

To properly appreciate “the camera with the new face” would require a cultural-historical approach; I’ll just say briefly and succinctly: There was something brilliant about the thing.

With continuous model maintenance and limitation to the essentials, the “Werra” could still serve well and be produced (with pride?) today.

What consumers ultimately do with the goods remains another question. “Photography is not magic,” but it does (sometimes) have magical elements. At the same time, there is this trend towards films and films without any actual, substantial, further messages.

Some products simply have to be explained more often, while always tweaking the slogan – e.g. B. “Simply GOOD” instead of “Good & Simple”.

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