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Nobody has ever described my articles as “without any internal connection,” but the question of what one thing, such as “cultural erosion,” has to do with another, such as pepper soup, has already arisen. Now recipes are also politics, the food culture leads to constant fights, there may have once been a binding, unifying guiding culture, but no home ministry can bring it back. “Dream, think, fight” and “brutalization is a false idea of ​​freedom” are slogans that determined the position of the social psychologist Oskar Negt – you can question that and see (no) connection…
I confess that I find the term “cultural erosion” questionable – one will still be able to visualize that, the reference to the fact that the topsoil on the fields is disappearing was necessary.

The unconscious is not necessarily progressive, says the German Trade Union Confederation’s obituary for Oskar Negt, but is open to right-wing slogans, so that

“… arguing on the level of rationality and factual argument is therefore not sufficient. However, if the trade union educational work succeeds in clarifying the psychological connection, and those trained by it also succeed in doing the same in the company’s public sphere, it can make the hate sellers’ business much more difficult.”

These are words that you can let melt in your mouth, while remembering that the “awake conscious” is “only” the tip of the conscious iceberg. Then, when you see and smell it, or intensely imagine your favorite food, you may notice that your mouth is watering, which can be interpreted as a sign of conditioning, a learned reflex.

I recently compared potato pancakes with apple compote to a call to take part in a demo for endless meat consumption, with the comment “Meatless is possible, Mr. Neighbor!”

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The planned demonstration in front of the German Nutrition Society in Bonn is directed against a recommendation from the DGE to become more cautious about meat consumption for environmental reasons.
Health insurance companies insist that nutritional advice that they co-finance is carried out by DGE-compliant nutritionists; Thus, the health insurance companies ensure a DGE monopoly in “guideline competence”, and anyone who wanted holistic or emphatic pedagogical or depth-psychological advice would be left without the corresponding earmarked inflow of funds. These are cemented conditions.

With a certain reuse logic, it makes sense to reuse remaining potato pancakes – this is how a “Flädlessuppe” was created, with a similarity to the rare cabbage soup, which is based on “krautflecken”.

The discussion about portion sizes and “rations” is part of it and has “always” existed. The example of this soup shows how important it can be to divide the (potato pancake) portions.

“Hummus” is a separate topic. “The morning sun is smiling” – that’s what this photo is supposed to express; What you can’t see is that roasted peanuts were used instead of sesame.
Sustainability-oriented “nutrition advice” would place emphasis on avoiding waste during production – in fact, very few people are bothered if everyday recipes use canned chickpeas.

Tips and recommendations are one thing, they’re not just tips, they’re commerce.
The CMA Centrale Marketing-Gesellschaft der deutsche Agrarwirtschaft mbH had run “unforgettable” campaigns, a pure battle of materials compared to the not so inspiring “5 a day” of the DGE.

The habituation to canned food, which was never intended to be the sole form of nutrition, was based on the narratives of the food industry.

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In any case, hummus without canned chickpeas is doable, and if you can get it from a local “manufactory”, consider yourself lucky and best take out a subscription

The “wrap with hummus” is spread with a hummus-feta mixture and filled with fried mushrooms and diced onions as well as olives.

Obviously an endive salad goes well with the wrap 😉 .

In the emancipation debate, the term “mansplaining” once emerged for the endless explanations of opinionated men who wanted to impose their view of the world on women. Of course there are know-it-alls in the food sector, but there is no dialogue. So if an “association for advice” proliferates with recommendations instead of providing facts and leaving those receiving uninvited advice to draw their own conclusions, “mealsplaining,” similar to mansplaining, has a lot to do with paternalism.

Smoked bacon is one of the most flavor-intensive ingredients our food culture has to offer. This ties in with a childhood memory of an almost soft-boiled ham rind floating in the lentil soup – and it feels like today’s pigs are thinner-skinned than those back then.
This soup contains celery, grated celery added before cooking. These soups also contain a ready-made sauce “with rice”, with a tamed Asian touch. It would be resource-saving to produce such a “magic sauce” regionally/seasonally correctly, perhaps as a “by-product” in the local sauerkraut factories?

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