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“We will process your request and give you a response regarding this soon.”

You know the pattern of e.g. E.g. application letter, and even such a standard answer is often missing; The ignored sender then considers the recipient to be arrogant and perceives the non-reaction as ignorance of how it could be handled better, says a psychology site:

„A quick, „I’m sorry,we can’t work with you on your idea“, plus a brief reason, is better than leaving a person waiting for Godot.“

So: Saying straight away, without undue delay, that and why you can’t think about working together is better than announcing an answer but postponing it until the next day.

There are plenty of such ignorant people in our parliamentary Federal Health Committee: I can say this because two years ago I sent a request to “the relevant members” which, quite strangely, remained completely unanswered.
It was a “scientific assistant” to a capable member of the Bundestag, who was stylishly “an answer regarding this” had announced, in the official language of the 1950s, and not in response to a question like “Where is the vegetable store?”

No, it was a correct, important question about a worrying phenomenon, namely obesity, from which many people suffer latently and gradually and which the cultural sector flirts with:

There’s not much to weigh in on Taylor Smith, but as an “Anti-Hero” it has to be because it’s also about undercover narcissism works, not just in the song that names it. The character of my health committee letter was also hidden, which was basically a cry for help and not a joke – the fact that assistance was actually not provided had subsequently “deleted” this group of people as a cooperation option.

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Ignorance to finally get rid of it can have effects that amount to physical violence.

These consequences can be mitigated a little with these two insights:

Most of the time, being ignored is a manifestation of “modern times.” It is/would be quite efficient to avoid injury through ignorance by giving attention, “affirmatiō” (lat.) To emancipate others by assessing or judging yourself and, if necessary, praising yourself.

If decision-makers ignore alternative ideas, it can be due to not knowing (not wanting). Fear of change or the expectation of resistance. To be more precise, it must be the plural form, i.e fears. For example, I cannot explain the “non-acknowledgment” regarding basic organic food supplies in any other way.

Although the food photo can be viewed clearly, sharply and even enlarged, it still requires explanation and is therefore “uninteresting” in case of doubt.

We always need three, four, five arguments to explain certain connections. An unpackaged store that made it into the center of the town has achieved this:

In my opinion, discounters could also offer unpackaged goods, which would require a certain amount of staff, but should be possible. It no longer needs to be proven that unpackaged milk is also possible in self-service; Turning soy milk into tofu or cream cheese at home saves truck trips and spares congested highways – if only all households had a multicooker!

Recently I thought I had found the right quote for more or less commitment:

“My dear Mario Jiménez, “I won’t go into that cave,” said the rabbit”.

It comes from the novel “With burning patience” by A. Skarmeta, which is presented in a calendar page and read out by Hans Korte in eight half-hour episodes.
Audio books can have a positive impact, especially in difficult times mind Compared to streamed films, they have an impact and protect the environment through lower data consumption!

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The photo from the Westerwald, which can also be viewed in larger format, illustrates or symbolizes dryness and drought;

“The primacy of ecology must, of course, determine every political action and be inherent in all investments, projects and offers.”

One could subscribe to Martina Häusler’s quote; especially since every meal, its ingredients, preparation and the composition of the table or dinner party are already political. Also political is a Xanthippe that won’t let anyone take away its schnitzel that no one wants. Politically, cubic kilometers of concrete that cements the landscape or is “necessary” underground is also politically approved. Links, the basis of hypertext/internet language, are also political – including mine on climate primacy.
Anyone who arrogantly ignores this priority overestimates their own importance and treats those who think differently as inferior.

If it looks like leftovers are being used here, it is because leftovers have been used here.
Low-fat quark, cream cheese, yoghurt, egg, flour, chopped peppers and spices were mixed together and baked.

Since I wrote an article with the keyword “Foodboards”, I have really enjoyed serving on wood 😉
What is important in this photo is the brown paste in the pepper at the top left: a “hummus” made from normal lentils, with a nut mixture and some sesame tahini.

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