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Microbiota diet, everyone wants to do it: the immune defenses also rise

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Microbiota diet, everyone wants to do it: the immune defenses also rise

You come back lean and healthy with the microbiota diet, it has now gone viral because it works.

Having a swollen belly is a pretty common condition but if your belly is too swollen it means that your immune system may be out of regulation. If we’re honest, which of us doesn’t happen to have a swollen belly and feel weighed down but also out of shape. The fault lies entirely with the billions of microorganisms that live in our intestines. Many scientific studies, even very recent ones, on irritable bowel syndrome explain that it causes not only tension and abdominal pain but also constipation and diarrhea.

Microbiota diet, a breakthrough for extra kilos – grantennistoscana.it

Those who suffer from irritable colon paradoxically suffer from both constipation and diarrhea precisely because the many microorganisms in the intestine are unable to perform their functions well. This ailment is usually related to stress which is practically unavoidable with the wild life we ​​lead. Making an easy joke, we could say that the unregulated life we ​​lead every day also forces the microorganisms that populate our intestines to be equally unregulated and to make us digest badly, with the so-called microbiota which performs its functions poorly and also determines a imbalance of the endocrine system.

Gut cells are important

The cells of the intestine are not only used to digest but produce many important hormones including for example serotonin. So if the belly works badly we suffer psychologically and the immune system is also weakened. So the first thing to understand is that our intestines play a really important role in ours psychophysical balance.

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You no longer deprive yourself of fiber with this intelligent diet – grantennistoscana.it

60% of the immune defenses are concentrated in the belly but let’s see how to counter this rather annoying situation and which in the long run also damages our health. Until now in case of colitis, the usually recommended cure was eliminating or limiting high-fiber foods.

Until now, the cure for this pathology was of little use

Basically until today the general orientation of dieticians was to eliminate vegetables, fruit, legumes and everything that could be rich in fiber. The reasoning that led to this even rather drastic choice was decidedly linear. In fact, the bacteria present in the body they ferment fibers that are unable to digest and therefore release gas and draw water.

This diet is also useful for increasing the immune system – grantennistoscana.it

This in simple terms means that if you eat a lot of fiber your belly swells. However, the new studies on the microbiota have clarified the situation in a much more profound way and even more useful in solving the problem. In essence, if we eliminate the fibers from the bacterial flora we will have a strong reduction of bifidobacteria, that is the friendly ferments of our body which are fundamental for the immune system. These microorganisms, feeding on fibers, produce gas but they also produce all those substances that are important for the immune system and for cancer prevention.

The new orientation against the bloated belly is different

So today to fight the swollen belly the remedy is completely different. If you go to a dietician today he will absolutely not tell you to give up fibers, on the contrary he will tell you that you need to eat more and in particular the soluble ones such as betaglucan found in oatmeal. Current research claims that the use of some specific fibers can even be beneficial.

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We recommend this diet: the focus of it is theinclusion of both prebiotic foods because they feed the bacterial flora e and probiotics because they pass the gastric barrier and they arrive alive in the intestine to reinforce the good microorganisms that do us so much good. To extinguish the inflammation it causes irritability of the colon but which also weakens the immune system it is necessary to abound with foods such as raspberries, blueberries, extra virgin olive oil, red wine, cabbage, chocolate, coffee and green tea because they are sources of antioxidants.

Olive oil: important in this diet – grantennistoscana.it

You should never miss either nuts, avocados, anchovies and salmon which provide good fats. Better to eliminate sugar and limit pasta as much as possible. This diet isn’t going to drastically reduce fiber, on the contrary it’s going to fuel all of that positive functions of the organism and above all of the intestine that we need to feel good.

Following this diet that we recommend obviously always subject to medical supervision you may feel your belly less swollen but at the same time you will be fortifying the immune system and you will be allowing your body to produce so much precious serotonin that will help you to be in a better mood and more energetic. In fact we must always go back to the starting point and that is to remember that irritable bowel syndrome is caused by stress and just a nice and healthy dose of serotonin can be the best cure.

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