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The second Monday of February is the International Epilepsy Dayan event aimed at promoting awareness of this clinical condition in more than 130 countries around the world and highlighting the problems faced by people affected by it and their families.

At theFerrara University Hospital a is active Epilepsy Center which follows children and adults. Children are taken care of byPediatric Operational Unitdirected by Professor Agnese Suppiej, inDevelopmental epilepsy clinic (Referees: Dr. Giuditta Pellino, Dr. Cristina Forest, Dr. Sara Tagliani, Neuropsychologist Dr. Martina Baldetti), while the adults are followed byNeurology Operational Unitdirected by Dr. Daniela Gragnaniello, at the Epilepsy Center (Referees: Dr. Elisa Fallica, Dr. Edward Cesnik, Neuropsychologist Dr. Paola Milani).

Also this year the epileptologist doctors of Sant’Anna – members of the LICE (Italian League against Epilepsy), in collaboration with the members of the Italian Epilepsy Association (AIE), of the Tuberous Sclerosis Association and with the patronage of the Municipality of Ferrara – will come together to celebrate the day by offering two events.

Sunday 11 February, from 3.30 pm, at Rivana Garden Center in via Gaetano Pesci 181 in Ferrara – with the support of the volunteers of the Nati con la Calzamaglia association – a round table open to citizens to provide answers and try to find solutions to the problems of daily life in which epilepsy seems to constitute an obstacle for patients of all ages and their families. The event is aimed at anyone interested in promoting knowledge about the disease and breaking down its stigma.

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Children and adults with epilepsy will share, through the reading of poems and stories, stories that can inspire, educate and raise awareness among the audience present. There will be entertainment for children organized by volunteers from the NOVA Association, a group of university students and doctoral students from various departments of the University of Ferrara. The day will end with an aperitif and some music.

Monday 12 February the fountain in Piazza della Repubblica will be lit up in purplesymbol of the fight against stigma.

THE PATHOLOGY AND SOME DATA. Per epileptic crisis refers to a transient and simultaneous hyperactivity of a group of nerve cells in the brain. For epilepsy we mean the predisposition to develop such crises in a lasting way; this condition often manifests itself already in childhood.

In industrialized countries, epilepsy affects around 1 in 100 people affecting all ages. Alone in Italy they can be counted approximately 500,000 people affected and 30,000 new cases per year, with higher incidence in children and the elderly. Based on these estimates, in the city of Ferrara are approximately 1300 people live with this conditionwith the expectation of 65-70 new cases every year. The numbers tend to triple if we consider the population of the entire province of Ferrara.

In Italy the Italian League against Epilepsy (LICE), which includes numerous Neurologists, Neuropaediatricians, Child Neuropsychiatrists and Epileptologists belonging to various Epilepsy Centers in hospitals throughout Italy. There are also numerous associations, including theItalian Epilepsy Association (AIE) and theTuberous Sclerosis Associationwho share many collaborations and initiatives with doctors.

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