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Monkeypox, it’s a health emergency: how to report a case

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Monkeypox, it’s a health emergency: how to report a case

WHO has declared a global state of emergency for the spread of monkeypox. The Ministry of Health communicates how to proceed to report cases.

She is on the alert for the increase in monkeypox infections in just one month. Europe is the epicenter of the outbreak, doctors need to pay attention.

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On 23 July 2022 it was reported by the World Health Organization the global health emergency for the spread of monkeypox. The WHO has consequently called for a global collective response to address the epidemic that has so far affected 70 countries causing 5 deaths and over 16 thousand infections. Europe is the epicenter of the infection with a increased circulation of 77% between June and July. The disease is mainly manifested by a rash which can be extremely painful. Symptoms can last between two and four weeks causing more severe effects in patients at risk. Recognizing the dangerousness and gravity of the situation, the WHO decided to issue the global health emergency and, consequently, the Ministry of Health had to provide clear indications for Italian doctors.

Monkeypox, the press release from the Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health has published an ordinance in the Official Gazette in which the indications for reporting of cases of monkeypox. The text underlines the need to take action due to the epidemiological context reported by the WHO. Primary focus is the optimization of the information flow in relation to the reports of possible infections to avoid a rise in the curve also in Italy. By communicating the infection in time, the ASLs, the Regions and the autonomous provinces of Trento and Bolzano will have the opportunity to implement the necessary measures to limit the spread of smallpox, to carry out coordination activities effectively public health and fulfill the obligation to communicate data to national and international organizations.

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What are the measures to be taken

The ordinance establishes the measures to be taken to speed up the reporting of the monkeypox infection. Once the infection has been recognized, the doctor must report it to the local ASL within twelve hours. The local health facility must then feed the PREMAL within 24 hours. We are talking about the regulation of the Infectious Diseases Reporting System created to regulate the communication of the assessment of a contagious disease and to indicate the tasks of public interest to be carried out to limit the spread of infections. In this way we will try to effectively address the new health emergency reported by the WHO.

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